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#Contiki Gives the Storytellers a Unique Costa Rica Experience

Posted by on 27. June 2014

Travel gives us stories to tell, coming from a better appreciation and understanding of a local based on our experience.  #Contiki gave 12 Storytellers including Mikael Daez, a better appreciation of the biodiversity in Costa Rica as well a heart warming encounter with the Sea Turtles as part of the Contiki Cares Initiative.

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Contiki Storytellers

Last April, Contiki, the world leader in youth travel experience, took 12 Storytellers and major influencers from around the world to a VIP conservation trip based on Contiki’s Costa Rica Unplugged itinerary with Contiki’s sustainability partner Céline Cousteau – a documentary filmmaker, environmental activist and granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau. Among the storytellers were Mikael Daez, who came with his brother and videographer Nicky Daez.

Following the nesting process of Leatherback Turtles

Under the newest Contiki Cares partnership with The Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC), the Storytellers took to Torteuguero Beach for two nights to track leatherback turtles, protect their nests from poachers in the area and were lucky enough to witness the incredible nesting process of two leather back turtles.  The highlight of this one-of-a-kind experience was watching a turtle lay its eggs in the middle of the night. Mikael says this was his most memorable experience of the trip, if only for its surreal beauty. He even shared how they all had to watch quietly from behind the turtle as to not alert the animal of their presence.

Mikael Daez Ziplining through the rainforest.

They also experienced all that bio diverse Costa Rica has to offer in true Contiki fashion – zip lining through the rainforest, rafting through the rapids, taking a dip in the hot springs and touring the canals in hopes of spotting some of the beautiful wildlife native to the area.

Seeing Nature at its finest.

With the belief that storytelling has the powerful ability to inspire change, Contiki Holidays has released an inspiring short film of the Contiki Storytellers experience (www.contiki.com/storytellers).

To encourage viewers to share the video below with their peers and raise awareness of the human dangers currently faced by sea turtles, Contiki Holidays has also pledged to sponsor a turtle as each 250,000 view benchmark is reached.  Let’s not only share the adventure but we should also share the awareness on conservation we can see from the video.

Mikael Daez is more than just an actor or a host. He holds a business degree at Ateneo de Manila and serves as one of the country’s peace ambassadors.  More importantly, he has the passion for adventure.  He is a traveler with an epic tale to tell.  His thirst for travel and adventure have expanded his perspective and he is passionate in sharing his experience.  This are the traits that make him one of Contiki’s storyteller and one of the 12 chosen for this campaign.

The storytellers in the middle of the adventure.

More than an adventure and the appreciation of Costa Rica’s natural beauty was the clear-cut message of the importance of conservation.  Mikael was inspired by the Costa Rican’s great passion for caring for their environment, with everyone making an effort to preserve their natural wonders.  He adds this trip was, without a doubt, the best adventure he has ever had. He says the best thing about it was that he was able to travel with a group of people who have the same passion for travel and adventure as him.  Mikael says this is what he likes most about Contiki, it’s great ability to allow the youth to interact. He adds that what’s important in every travel is not the place, but the people you meet throughout the journey – a job that Contiki does best.

Contiki is a worldwide leader in tours for travelers who are 18 to 35 years old, something of an issue for some professionals who choose to put career over exploring the world. To these people, Mikael says that traveling actually makes a person feel fresh. It might require people to spend money, but one thing’s for sure, they will always come back with more – more experience, more knowledge, and more strength to face the world.  Along with 11 other inspiring storytellers, Mikael Daez traveled halfway across the globe. To the shores of Costa Rica. With absolutely #noregrets. And made it count.

Contiki is represented in Philippines by Rajah Travel Corporation as the General Sales Agent. To find out more about Rajah Travel Corporation, visit www.rajahtravel.com.

About Contiki


Contiki is the world leader in youth travel experiences for 18-35 year olds, a brand that is all about discovery, epic moments and making every second count. Our journeys unlock the local way of life in each and every destination we visit, and we see every day as the start of a new adventure.

Contiki has also inspired students and young professionals between 18 – 35 year olds to travel to the world’s most fantastic destinations for 52 years since 1962. The trips are hassle-free and gathering like-minded travellers with the perfect mix of sightseeing, culture and free time. Choose from over 300 trips throughout Europe, Russia, Egypt, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Canada & the USA.

You only have one life, one shot. So make it count. #NOREGRETS – This is their mantra.

For more information, visit www.contiki.com.

“With each travel, we become better as each trip has its lessons to learn and a story to tell.  Don’t live life dreaming about it, Live it!!! Live Life with #NOREGRETS “

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