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Your Dream Destination is Just a Click Away with #Contiki

Posted by on 8. January 2014

“Don’t live life dreaming about it, Live it!”

We have our own bucket list and I’m lucky enough to tick off some early.  I was able to be mesmerized by the grandeur of Paris.  I was able to play around with the Koalas and Kangaroos of Australia. I was able to hang-out beside the windmills of Holland. I was able to run a half marathon appreciating the ancient  wonders of Angkor Wat. I was awed by the beautiful night sky of Singapore, Shanghai, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong.  Before, people worked their whole life then retire and enjoy the beauty of travel.  Time has changed.  It’s time for people to explore the world while they are at their prime and have a lifetime of travel ahead of them.  We learn so much appreciating different cultures and we evolve to be more aware of the world as a whole. 

How about you, what’s your dream Vacation?

Do you want to see the Eiffel Tower up close? Or visit the lavish structures of Versailles?  Or visit the famed Notre Dame Cathedral?  Paris is one of the top attraction and it goes beyond the Eiffel Tower.  It’s seeing centuries old buildings all around. It’s appreciating a variety of dishes coming from multitude of cultures. It’s finding the artist in you while visiting the Louvre or going over the Artists Village in Montmarte.  It’s being awed by the grandeur of Versailles.  It’s getting lost in the city and finding your way back through their subway system.  It’s waiting for the sun to set at 11 pm.  It’s having a cup of coffee while chilling at Champs Elysee.  Paris is really everyone’s dream destination.

Do you want to visit Amsterdam and enjoy their consistent cool climate being situated under the sea level?  Then there’s the unique housing structures that tend to lean on each other for support.  There’s the picture perfect view around windmill houses.  You’ll also be amazed by their various industries from shoe clogs to cheese to diamonds to tulips.  Then there’s all the fun that happens at night at Amsterdam.  Amsterdam has indeed a lot of wonderful places to offer.

Is a trip down under appealing to you where you can play around with those cute Koalas and the Kangaroos? Or you can enjoy the famous fine white sands of Bondi and Manly Beach?  There’s also that picturesque view of the Sydney Opera House that blends perfectly with the deep blue color of the  Sydney Harbor.  You can also go outdoors while enjoying the Blue Mountains, the Three Sisters and the Jenolan Caves or go hardcore going on top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.   You can enjoy the city at night with the various clubs and food places.  Of course, you can also go on an Outback Adventure at the outskirts of Australia.  The adventure and the pleasant lifestyle makes Australia also a great destination.

Does visiting temples of Angkor appeal to you?  Siem Reap, Cambodia is the home of Angkor Wat with temples constructed between the 10th to 13th Century.  The Khmer Empire of Cambodia stands strong to this day through the heritage temples like Angkor Wat.  There’s the mountain-like four-faced structure of the Bayon Temple and it’s surrounding temples in Angkor Thom. There’s the Tomb Raiding attraction of Ta Prohm that shows the fusion between ancient infrastructure and nature co-existing through the centuries.  There’s Bantaey Srey that rivals the Angkor Structure and has intricate carvings to boot. There’s the multitude of cultures in Cambodia that can make it a great destination for visitors.

Then there’s still a lot of travel destinations that you can visit.  It can be a country hopping tour around Europe or Asia and explore the different sights, enjoy the different cuisines and appreciate the variety of culture.  At this point, I’d say stop dreaming as your dream vacation may just be a click away.   Travel goes for all ages so whether you’re 18-35 or even older, there’s a travel destination that would be perfect for you and your budget and this is where the years of expertise of Contiki can help.  Visit Contiki ( and check their various travel offerings.

” Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.

You only have one life, One shot, So make it count #NOREGRETS “

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