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CFA Philippines Hosts 2nd Jr Finance Summit

Posted by on 16. September 2015

I got a glimpse of the future of Philippine Finance as I got to cover the 2nd Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit last September 12, 2015.  What stood out was the range of topics that gave the young minds present a perspective of a career in finance, investments, the job market and and being able to save at an early age.  Financial Fitness like physical fitness can be enhanced by proper discipline and mindset. #jrfinancesummit2

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2nd Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit

What’s impressive about CFA Philippines is the way they send out their message.  They’ve hosted 2 Financial Fitness Runs in 2014 and 2015 to convey the message of investments in 2014 and 2015 to runners and fitness advocate.  They hold regular retail investment conferences for entrepreneurs and financial professional. Now, they are also directing their efforts to a younger audience at the 2nd Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit, which was held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City last September 12, 2015.  Over 3,000 students and young professionals in the finance industry gathered for this one day conference, which aimed to help further the career in  the field and progress in their financial statuses.

The summit is the perfect venture to promote the finance industry as well as obtain key knowledge in investments.   It delved on a lot of topic from the blossoming Philippine Economy, the advantages of CFA and Claritas certifications, pursuing a career in finance, emerging career trends and opportunities, exploring the job market, investment products, financial fitness and the significance of ethics and professional standards.   The lessons from the summit can go a long way not only for those pursuing a career in finance but  to  most of the youth as well.  Some lessons on financial discipline can help the younger generation be able to start early in securing their future. One of my favorite lesson is setting aside 20% of what you earn for savings and investments.  That can really help save a lot and with the power of compounding it can grow your investment over time.

“It’s refreshing and reassuring to see more and more students and young professionals join investment summits such as this. Their energy fuels the discussion of issues surrounding the financial industry and its value to the wider society. The quality of their contribution is a testament to the academic institutions that are nurturing this new generation, and in part setting the standards of entry to the industry. All of this means we are very excited about the future and to see these young people join the industry and then contribute their life-long learning process with future employers,” says April Lynn Tan, president of CFA Philippines.

The event had key business leaders and financial experts doing the talks and serving as event panel.  It also gave the students a chance to ask questions to different key note speakers to learn more about the topics.  It also featured several financial institution which had booths for the participants.  Part of the success of the event was participation of different school clubs and organization who partnered with the event.

On a personal level, I’m happy see a lot of the younger generation interested in a career in Finance.   The future is bright in finance and starting them young through the Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit is a good start.  The finance world is one of the most dynamic fields as it evolves by the day. New financial and Investment products are created regularly to suit the needs of the time.  New financial roles and responsibility arises in response to the changes in the market.  It’s an exciting career and I’m looking forward to these 3,000 plus participants start to create their name in the world of finance in the coming years. Great Job CFA Philippines for hosting the 2nd Philippine Junior Finance and Investment Summit.

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