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Art and Athletes Combine in Base Camp at Maximus

Posted by on 14. November 2016

Life is like an art work. You have to get the pieces available and make meaning out of it.  Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe and Tin-aw Art Gallery officially opened the Base Camp Art Exhibit last November 10, 2016.  It’s an exploration of the world of Athletes though Art and it will be open at Maximus until December 12, 2016.

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Base Camp

AM/PM by Lee Paje  / Oil on canvas / 24 x 12 inches

Maximus Athletes Shop Cafe always stood out since it first opened.  It’s among the few specialty coffee shop in Metro Manila and it boast of a cycling themed ambiance.  It’s one of the coolest and classiest place to hang out.  It gets even better this November 10 to December 12, 2016 as Maximus is the home of Base Camp Art Gallery, which is in partnership of Tin-Aw Art Gallery.  Tin-Aw is a collaboration of both emerging and established artist who evince strong interest and engagement with history and experience.

Field Notes by Henrielle Pagkaliwangan / Pen and ink and watercolour on paper / Image size: 9 x 33 inches; Framed: 12 x 36 inches

A merging of art and athleticism, “Base Camp” brings together twenty-two (22) young artists to express their views on the life of the athlete, the physical body and movement using their medium of choice. The artists include : Ambie Abaño, Moreen Austria, Renato Barja Jr., Mars Bugaoan, Lennard Buhay, Ian Cadiong, Francis Commeyne, Cian Dayrit, Anton Del Castillo, Gale Encarnacion, Carzen Esprela, Gab Ferrer, Lui Gonzales, Lofranco, Henrielle Pagkaliwangan, Lee Paje, Julio San Jose, Jun-jun Sta. Ana, Nicole Tee, Clairelynn Uy, Eunice Vergara, Jemime Yabes.

Healing by Ambie Abaño / Woodcut on textile mounted on stretched canvas with stitching / 20 x 30 x 3 inches

“Base Camp” is the first of what is hoped to be a series of exhibitions between Maximus and Tin-aw, as the two see a vibrant world that can be expressed both through sport and art.  What’s exciting about Base Camp is that how art merges naturally within the athletes world.  There are a lot of similarities with the two world’s.  Like the Artwork above called healing. This one is displayed just above the treadmill. It says a lot how we should take care of our cardiovascular health and the numerous healing athletes go through in pursuit of their passions.

Turn Left by Eunice Vergara /Mixed media /(Post, cement, ACP, Vinyl sticker) /84 x 24 x 12 inches

“More than finishing times or medals, sport allows a person to express his physicality, his grit, his soul in the competitive arena. Yet art is just another way of expressing this aspect of living. With ‘Base Camp’, we want to be known as more than just a café or sports shop. We are about the passion for living, which you can experience on a bicycle, on the trail, and through this show that Tin-aw has curated for us.” says Maximus’ director, Andy Leuterio.

Passing Through by Nicole Tee / Mixed Media on canvas (Photo transfer, thread) /10.5 x 61 inches

For Dawn Atienza, Director of Tin-aw Art Gallery, “Art is every where. And as such an art gallery is not just within the white walls of its exhibit space, but in the world around.” Sport and the Active Lifestyle merges   well with Art because it deals with people, their physical bodies as well as the environment we all live in. We are very happy with Maximus X Tin-aw and “Base Camp” is just the first of a series of exhibits in Maximus.”

Caballo 3: Touristic Shit & The Filipino Aesthetic (Part II) by Francis Commeyne /Acrylic, wooden toy Jeepney & plastic magnet on wooden ironing board / Standing: 39 x 29.7 x 14 inches; Folded: 39.4 x 5.1 x 14.2 inches

There so much interaction between the arts and the life of an athlete and there’s no better venue for this collaboration than Maximus Athlete Shop Cafe located at the Sparta Complex, 126 Pioneer Street , Mandaluyong City.  There’s a lot of symmetry between Art and the passion of athletes and you get to see them in front of you at Base Camp.  Base Camp will be available at Maximus until December 12, 2016.  For more information about “Base Camp” please contact Tin-aw Art Gallery at info@tin-aw.com or Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café at maximus3cafe@yahoo.com

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