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A Runner’s Life

Posted by on 13. January 2012

Running is invigorating and racing is even a lot more fun.  The adrenalin rush that comes with your sleep-deprived state just trying to keep up with the rest of the pack to reach the finish line is quite addicting.  Crossing the finish line is so satisfying that it leads you to chase your next race, a longer distance or a faster time.  Hook, line and sinker, you’re now a runner.

Next thing you’ll know, you frequent Bonifacio High Streets, McKinley, UP and other running areas doing routine runs on weekdays and long run on weekends or even get yourself an awesome coach.  The once dreaded 5K – 10K runs now feels like routine and the challenge has shifted to breaking your individual speed limit.  You start investing in a GPS watch, a reliable hydration belt and other gadgets.  Before you realize it, you’re running as fast as you are losing weight.

You start hanging out with a group of runners and start running as a pack.  You start enjoying the dynamics as a group and the next thing you’ll now, you have now formed your team.   You try to catch up with the next fastest runner or try to motivate the next in line to try to go faster. It’s then that you realize that each of you have elevated each others pace and endurance level.

You start synchronizing your vacation with running events and make the most out of it.  You go out of your way to go for out of town or out of the country races.  It is then that you get to appreciate the more intricate details of each location and also have a mental imprint of the GPS and elevation profile of your latest run.  You realize that apart from the muscle pains, there’s a nice scenery that leaves its mark on each run you take.

You then realize that you are not just part of a team, but also a community.  You start liking pages and sites related to the sport and check on updates, race schedules and events.  You start interacting with other runners, bloggers and photographers awaiting if they caught you in your latest conquest. At times,  you try to do give back to the sports that you’ve grown to love and write your own take on the latest races or take some photos you get to share to the community adamant of seeing their serious or not so serious running poses.

And then you write blogs like this chronicling a runner’s life the way it has affected his own… =>

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