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yurbuds: Inspire For Women

Posted by on 12. March 2013


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It’s been about a month now since I started using yurbuds and I’m now a total convert into running with music via yurbuds.  I’ve used it on all of my training runs.  It helped me breeze through a 5K PMMA Takbo para sa Marinong Pilipino.  It gave me an added focus to overcome all those flyovers in my half marathon in Standard Charter Hong Kong Marathon.  It gave me an added boost in getting past Baguio’s unlimited hills in a 10K Birthday Race, Baguio 2WENTY 1NE .  So far, so good and makes me think, I should have had yurbuds much earlier.  Running has been more fun with yurbuds and I’m currently working on my playlist for more upbeat runs in the future.

While I’m out enjoying yurbuds, they have taken another major step in finding the perfect fit that gives a never-fall of-your-ear experience to ladies this time as they have launched Inspire for Women.  Inspire for Women comes in a variety of colors that matches the women’s style and has a smaller earpiece just right for women.  Here’s a press release from Yurbuds via it’s Philippine distribution arm, Cascos, Inc.

yurbuds® Introduces its First Earphone Line Designed Specifically for Women

New Inspire for Women Sport Earphones Designed to Fit Women’s Ears – Available in Six Colors

yurbuds®, maker of the sport earphones guaranteed never to hurt or fall out, announced today the  Philippine availability of the Inspire for Women line, the perfect training partner for any female athlete.

Inspire for Women was designed by Annie Karayiannis, yurbuds Creative Director. Karayiannis spent time researching female athletes to gain a better understanding of the earphone size, shape and colors that would best serve their unique needs.

“The yurbuds brand has become a staple for all kinds of athletes,” said Karayiannis. “Both men and women include yurbuds as part of their essential workout gear. Knowing that women have a variety of style tastes, and often a smaller ear size, it was a priority to create a female-specific line of yurbuds.”

The Inspire for Women line is designed specifically to fit smaller ears and features all of the classic yurbuds qualities including sweat and water resistant design, FlexSoft™ comfort fit, TwistLock™ Technology and ambient noise awareness. Women can train in color with the new Inspire for Women, choosing from six options – aqua, pink, yellow, green, purple and orange.

Inspire for Women is one of the most anticipated lines for yurbuds,” said Daniel DeVille, Director of Marketing for yurbuds. “Since day one it has been yurbuds’ mission to provide personalized service for all athletes. With the Inspire for Women line, we address the needs of the often underserved female athlete.”

Each yurbuds model is designed to contour to the human ear so they are comfortable and provide premium sound quality, even while in motion. Designed as true sport equipment, yurbuds are sweat proof, water resistant and allow ambient noise, such as passing cars, to be heard. Inspire for Women is the newest addition to the growing yurbuds collection.

The yurbuds Inspire for Women retails for P1,500.00 at Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot, and RUNNR. It will also be available soon at Urban Athletics, MOVE, Brooks, and PowerMac Center.

For more information on yurbuds, go to and join in the conversation at  and

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