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yurbuds: Adding More Beat into Your Workout

Posted by on 16. February 2013

Music or no Music???

The last time I was running or training with music was when I was just starting doing the 5 kilometers distance.  Somehow, I found it cumbersome as I moved on to the 10 kilometers and half marathon distances.    It’s a bit difficult running with headsets to worry about with earphones falling off or the wire impeding some of your swaying motion when you run.  Of course, running with music can really help you build your rhythm and to do away with the boredom on a long run.  I’m a streaky runner so when I’m focused, I really end up to be a fast one but when I get bored, my cadence drops and really slows down so music does help.  Then came yurbuds.

yurbuds Inspire

yurbuds was named #1 sport earphone in the US by NPD Group, a global market research group.  The key guarantee of the product is that it would never hurt and would never fall of your ear.  That’s the technology that may finally make working out with music a less cumbersome experience.

I got my trusty iPod to do several test runs with yurbuds.  First up was an 8K Fartlek Run at Ayala Triangle, wherein I get to play around with my Speed during the run. Setting up the yurbuds and the iPod was simple by just placing the iPod in the back pocket of my tri-singlet.  I then clipped the woven-cloth cord at the collar area of the singlet to avoid excess wires.  The earpiece was even easier to fit with its twist lock technology so I just placed the right/left earpiece on the proper ear and it’s now firmly fitted to my ears.  It also is comfortable to wear with flexsoft silicon earpiece.  My 8K run felt like a breeze as I was focused more on the running while being entertained by crisp and clear music transmitted by yurbuds from my iPod.  It was firmly fitted in my ear and never fell of during the run.

I also did a 10 kilometer tempo run looping around Dela Costa, Street and San Agustin Street in Salcedo Village in Makati City and I didn’t even notice that my 10 kilometers run ended up to be already an 11.4 kilometers run because it felt so smooth running with yurbuds and music running to my ears.  It felt that my legs was already in tune with the music in my ears.  Another good thing is that yurbuds allows some ambient noise in so I was fully aware of my surroundings even if I had music playing in my ears.  I did another 6K run as  part of my brick workout for the weekend doing several 900 meters loop around the neighborhood and again it felt so smooth and I wasn’t even bored even if I was passing the same loop over and over again. I can say it was really performance enhancing as I can focus more on running and let the music guide my cadence and even just seeing my splits, I could clearly see that the pace is improving.  In just a few run, I have totally shifted my no-music philosophy and can’t wait to try yurbuds out in my future races as I’m sure I’ll be chasing personal records anew with a more focused and entertaining running experience.

About yurbuds

  • yurbuds was declared the #1 sport earphone brand in the US by the NPD Group in terms of unit sold and revenues in 2012.  This was attributed to their patented ergonomic design, grass root marketing efforts over the years and a customer-base who believes in the product and the brand.
  • In less than 5 years, yurbuds had developed new product lines and expanded their distribution network now in over 30 countries.  Among the recently launched products are Inspire for Women and Limited Editionlines.  Part of the success of yurbuds is credited to their connection to the sport communities and athletes in developing products based on their active lifestyles.  yurbuds plans to continue researching, developing, and delivering best-in-class sport earphones that meet the technology needs of today’s athlete.


  • yurbuds is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by Cascos Inc, and is available at the following retailers: Power Mac Center, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Beyond The Box, Buzz, Planet Sports, The Athlete’s Foot, RUNNR, Chris Sports, R.O.X, Riovana, Rudy Project, Mobile One, The AShop, Specialized Concept Store, Islands Souvenirs, IGig Center, Gadgets In Style, The Electronics Boutique, GNC, Gold’s Gym, Nothing But H2O, The Brick, Primo Cycles and Second Wind.


  • 1-Year Replacement Policy
  • In the Philippines, yurbuds has a 1-Year Replacement Policy covering FACTORY DEFECTS like non-functional 3mics from sweat entering the unit, cables tearing when the shouldn’t, etc.  This is one of the ways to add value to the product.  As sport earphones are expected to be worn in extreme conditions, damage incurred such as snapped cords or perspiration entering the earbud can be addressed by simply replacing the unit with a brand new unit. All they ask is that the customer return the unit he/she purchased to the retailer along with the receipt. A brand new unit is made available within 3-4 days.
  • Follow them at:

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