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Your Team: Samahang Mananakbo ng Smart

Posted by on 20. August 2015

People get the impression that people who run have so much time but the truth is a greater majority of runners  (including me) are also corporate employees.  Members of Samahang Mananakbo ng Smart (Team SMS) are both corporate employees and athletes.  They run as a pack whether it’s a fun run, a marathon or even an Ultramarathon.  Let’s get to learn more about their SMART story.

Team SMS

In a Sea of SMART Blue

Your Team hopes to feature running groups and help spread their love for fitness and running.  Everybody can be fit and it gets easier when you are supported by a group.  For our first feature, we get to meet Team SMS or Samahang Mananakbo ng Smart.   Back by the country’s largest telecommunication network, we get to learn more about Corporate Employees turned athletes grow the love of running and fitness. Here’s getting up close with Team SMS Through their Club President Ian Yu.

They are making a difference in the running community.

Team SMS started way back Nov 25, 2008 and is currently one of the oldest of the 22 clubs initiated by Smart for employee Wellness. They envision themselves to be recognized as one of the country’s biggest corporate running club dedicated to creating & promoting the development & growth of each athlete in the Smart community. They also want SMS to be a “house-hold name” when it comes to citywide fun runs, marathons & ultra-marathon foot race events not only locally but internationally as well. They now have 120 active members within the team mostly concentrating on running/jogging.  They have SMS branches in various locations in the country. These are mostly Smart/ Sun Cellular/ Voyager & PLDT employee athletes situated from North to South with factions from Baguio, Lucena, Tarlac, NCR, Cebu & Davao.

Yes, they can go the distance too.

The team mainly enjoys mostly fun runs but they also have delegations for Ultramarathons.  With trails also taking off now, they are starting to strengthen their trail running groups by joining some trail events in the last few months.  They are starting to collaborate with their Smart Cycling Club for relays and hopefully they could slowly build up their duathlon team too.

They are among the largest delegations in some races.

It’s a really great achievement forming a large group of “corporate athletes” that comes together on weekends and enjoy the sports of running.  They really make their presence felt in races as they got 9 biggest delegations award in the races they’ve joined last year.  They also develop programs like a “Couch to 5K” program where in employees who wish to learn how to run may register. This is one of the key training programs that caters to everybody. The project will last for 10 training sessions each week until the runner may start doing their first 3k or 5k run. From there we guide each until they reach their running goals.  Most of the members started here and some have already completed their first 10k, 21k, full marathon and even ultra marathons.

Their making their way to duathlons too.

The biggest perk of being in the club is the change to the active lifestyle.   Running can be a addictive and can change a person from their habits, perspective and overall well-being.  It also makes them proud that they are the largest corporate athlete running club.  They take each race as a chance to exhibit team work and camaraderie as a group.

They work and race as a pack!

Team SMS is giving the corporate employees a chance to adopt to a fitter lifestyle.  They put premium on being a team and running as a pack over individual glory. Of course, we get to see some of them hit the podium too.  It’s never too late to start a healthy lifestyle. With Team SMS, that transition is made easier.  I hope that more company adopt a corporate club approach to encourage employees to be fit, healthy and a more complete person.  Be fit, it’s the SMARTer way to live.

I am glad to be part of this team backed up by our ever supportive HR Wellness group and my eager and enthusiastic club officers. Each one of us has a fire in our heart for something. In this chosen sport, it’s our goal in life to find it and keep it. – Ian Yu, Club President

Check out Team SMS on your next race, as they are probably present on every race.

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