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Your Run: Jobert Dela Victoria, The Road to 42.195 Km

Posted by on 30. July 2013

The Journey Begins Here!

One of my segments of my blog is “My Runs,” which features a blow-by-blow account of each of my races as for me each race is a different story.  For a change, I’ll also be featuring “Your Runs” every now and then and as our maiden offering, I’ll be featuring Jobert Dela Victoria and his first time at 42.195K via The Bull Runner Dream Marathon.  Jobert is probably one of the most helpful and friendliest people in the running community and among the first people I knew read and love my blogs.

Met Jobert for the First Time after Brooks Run Happy 2 last June 2012

A full marathon is a journey of self-discovery and the time you prepare for it and running it gets you to know your strengths and weaknesses and what keeps you going.  Let’s get to know how Jobert went on to conquer 42.195 kilometers in The Bull Runner Dream Marathon.

The Joy of 42.195K

On how long he was running

Jobert’s been running for 3 years starting with 5K or what he called “Running for Loot Bags.” It took him some time before upgrading to 10K as he was having knee problems after running 5K.  He overcame his fear and eventually moved up to 10K and eventually had his half marathon debut at the last quarter of 2011 at Run United 3.

On the reason he joined TBR Dream Marathon (TBRDM)

Support during TBRDM 2012

He was invited by his co-members of PEX Running Club to go support fellow members in the 2012 TBRDM at Nuvali.  He was surprised at the reception and the support the first time marathoners had with almost all running group present. He can see the satisfaction of victory with almost every finisher shedding tears of joy after overcoming the distance.  Upon hearing the experience of those who conquered TBRDM, he got inspired to join and promised himself to sign up for the event.

On Training and Training Tips

Training with Barangay TBR and Team Cramps

He started training after registration and getting the program kit but fell a little complacent since he was already in the 21 kilometers distance and was not able to follow his program.  It was right after Christmas break that he decided to do his long runs.  It was also a lot of help that he was joining running groups and clinic.  Mileage is really important and you have to do some long slow distance (LSD) runs and heat trainings as well as doing some hill works.  It’s important to respect the distance and stay focused, as 42.195 kilometers is no joke.  More importantly, you have to enjoy the route and listen to your body.

On the Race

Checking in for the Race

Pre Race

Jobert started his race with a prayer to thank God for the new day and also for guidance as well as spend time for photos and pleasantry with the running community.  Approaching the race, he was really excited meeting friends while stretching and warming up with his Barangay TBR group.  He felt jittery but was still full of energy.  Everybody was looking at the clock and can’t wait for gun start.

Pre-Race Stretching

The Hardest Kilometer

Kilometer 25 was the hardest which was the longest stretch of uphill climb in the race.  He felt his energy at its lowest and legs about to cramp up.  It was a good thing that there were a lot of aid stations and the chasers were with full energy pushing you to continue.

Favorite Kilometers

His favorite kilometers was the last 5 kilometers as this was the part where you get back into the village and people were festive and marathoners are crying.

Running Pains

Jobert’s support crew

There was a lingering side stitch on the 5th and 16th kilometer.  He slowed down and tried to shift on his form but it was still there.  It helped that Bave dela Cruz from the running community noticed it and asked Jobert to control his breathing and it worked.  Throughout the race, the thought of quitting never came.  Every time something was off, he’d say a little prayer and it was gone.

The Course


Nuvali course is not at easy course for first time marathoners.  You really have to train hard for it.

Race Checkpoints

  • 21 Kilometers

Jobert was thankful that he reached halfway point but he still knows that he have to go through another half of torture in the course.

  • 32 kilometers

He felt relieved since the remaining course is on a descent, which is less punishing on the muscles but remains cautious on the knees.

  • 200 meters before the finish line

Master Totoy paced him in the Last 200 meters

He was ecstatic as he was met by his idol and Ayala Triads Team mate Totoy Santos as he paced him to the finish line and was even able to overtake some of the runners.

  • Finish Line

The Finish

He was already shouting for Joy at the finish line as running host Boy Ramos announced and congratulated him at the finish line and it was also a pleasant delight that his girlfriend Angel Evangelista was waiting for her at the finish line.

With his Number 1 Fan, Angel Evangelista

  • Post Race

Jobert felt complete in reaching one of his dreams as a runner and has a higher respect for himself since he can finally say he is a marathoner.

The Satisfaction after 42.195 kilometers

The training was well worth it and he was able to develop his skill due to the training program.  The route was really difficult and anything can happen in a marathon in terms of muscle painsIt’s important to train and do the proper stretching.  After finishing, it’s really satisfying and all the efforts were worth the satisfaction and you’ll really scream for joy.

What it takes to be a marathoner

The Medal

Hardwork, patience, trust in God and yourself and follow the program.  He knows that he can still do better in future marathons by sticking with the program and bringing in the needed mileage of training.

The rewards after 42.195 kilometer

Free Stretching after 42.195K

He rewarded himself with a free massage and a buffet lunch with Lechon, Crispy Pata and Bulalo

Future Marathons and Ultramarathons

  • Philippine Marathon
  • Tagaytay to Nasugbo 50K ultramarathon
  • Condura 2014
  • TBRDM 2014 (pacer)
  • Milo Marathon
  • Out of Town/Out of the Country Marathons

And his message of thanks

TBRDM Batch 2013

First and foremost, he thanks God for giving him the will and the determination to start the 42 kilometers as well as surpassing the challenging uphills of Nuvali.  He also wants to thank the love of his life, Angel Evangelista for being patient in waiting for him and also believing he can finish within 4 hours.  He also appreciates the support of his running groups, Ayala Triads, Hypersports, Ok ok runners, Panay Negros Runners, Team CRAMPS, PEX Running Club, FTB, Running Photographers, Barangay TBR and to all the running groups who cheered all the participants.  He also acknowledges the TBR Dream Marathon Team and Coaches, which is the only event race event that pampers first and second time marathoners since Training Day 1.  The Complete Bull Circle and Bull Sessions have inspired him to finish the marathons.  The send-off party replaced the jittery feeling with fun and laughter.  The registration fee was worth it with all the foods, prizes and the road to 42.195K.

Fun times during the send off.

The Bull Runner Dream Marathon opens its doors for its 2014 edition on August 9, 12 noon on a first come, first serve basis.

TBR 2014, Registration is about to begin.

And he ends this post with a message of thanks and a challenge.

Thanks to the author, Franc Ramon for the awesome friendship and for the interview! Hope to see you on the TBR Dream Marathon 2014 and run your first 42k!  – Jobert O. dela Victoria

Credits: Tong Pascua for most of the Photos on the Bull Runner Dream Marathon

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