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Weekend Breather in Clark

Posted by on 4. March 2013

Bike. Bike. Bike.


If I have to characterize my February, it will have to be “imbalanced.”  Let’s see, I had 2 half marathons in February and 1 5K race and a whole lot of preparations for the races in the middle of the mad rush for the board meeting.  While races are de-stress activity for me, preparing for it was not easy as I have to make do with late night training runs after spending overtimes in the office.  I didn’t want any excuses for the races already.  The good part about it was that I’m starting to get my speed and endurance back as seen in my strong finishes in 5K PMMA Run and HK Half Marathon.  Crossing the finish line was not the end of the month for me as I had to cram and get ready for the Board Meeting and Results Announcement.  February is always the toughest month for me.  Though the tough times is not over with the Annual Report still to be completed in the next few weeks, I just wanted to take this weekend off and have a breather.

Enter Clark

Letting the dinosaur chase my stress away.

There’s just something about long drives that is so relaxing as I started my weekend with a drive from Manila to Clark where my sister got a villa in Mimosa.  First stop was Dinosaur Island, which was located at the back of Clark Picnic Grounds.  The entrance was P350 and the place was flowing with dinosaur.  The dinosaur had a more realistic effect and didn’t appear like mere robots as their outer layer were made of foams and had sensors which prompted their movement once somebody goes near it.  The guides also were knowledgeable about the history of the dinosaurs and evolution making the trip also an educational one.  Kids would love this place.  There were about 17 different dinosaur species in the area and was capped by a dinosaur mascot display at the end of it.  They also had an area where they show how to make the dinosaurs and some people do actually order the dinosaurs for their own use.  The place is still a work in  progress and there are future developments that would be added in the area.  Another plus for dinosaur island is that they have picnic tables people can use for free when visiting the area.

  Night Ride at Mimosa

Next stop was to buy some goodies in Duty Free and also our food supply for the weekend.  One of the reason, I like buying in duty free shops is they have some items that you can’t find in regular groceries.  Lunch was at Casino Filipino with a few game of Baccarat.  I’m not much of a gambler so I was searching for trends, statistics and probabilities and I ended up winning a few amount here.  It’s much easier playing just for fun and having loss limits or else, you can end up with a lot of problems.  I then prepared my bike for a late afternoon ride around the place, which lasted just about an hour because it was already too dark by then.  It was then time to rest and I did have a really good night sleep, maybe just to catch up with all the missed sleep the past few days.

  Pasyal Pace Bike Ride

I might have had too much of a good night sleep as I woke up past 8:30 AM, which shifted my early morning bike ride to a mid-morning one.  Luckily, it was not yet too hot by that time.  It was at a “Pasyal Pace” mode as I toured the whole of Mimosa to the nearby fields and then Air Force City before heading back to our villa in Mimosa.  It was fun going around in bike and the roads in Clark would be perfect for bike rides as there are just few cars and a whole lot of road though from my past experience sometimes, the road can be confusing.  Fortunately, I didn’t get lost this time.  It was back to Manila after lunch refreshed… on second thought, I did end up tired as I was fast asleep after cleaning my room to cap my weekend.

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