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Weapon of Choice: Salice Eyewear

Posted by on 1. October 2014

Salice Eyewear Comes in Flashy Colorways

“When the heat and glare is on, I’m glad there’s Salice Eye Wear to keep my eyes protected from the UV rays and the glare.  It gives you a mental edge and focus as Salice Eye Wear gives you a fresher and cooler look of the course.    What I like about Salice is that it is lightweight, durable, flashy and has high end features at mid range prices.”

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Salice Eyewear

Wearing Salice as I braved the heat at Salomon City Trail

An eyewear is always an important accessory for me as I use contact lens.  As such, I’m always concerned with debris and small objects entering my eyes while running or biking.  It’s also hard to run or ride when you can barely open your eyes because of the glare of the sun.  Of course, spending hours outdoors can also get you a lot of harmful UV rays that’s bad for the eyes on the long-term.   Salice is among the latest eye wear I have and it’s nice that it goes with a colorway that matches my newton shoes.   Of course, the best way to know if a product works for you is how it feels when you actually use it.

Conquering Mount Talamitam equipped with Salice Eyewear

I’ve seen how eye wears evolved from the classic ones to the flashier ones that have been more common now.  That’s the first consideration I had when I got my Salice eye wear as I have the traditional colors already with my other eye wears.  Having flashy colorways would mean that you are more noticeable in the road so you can avoid people or worst cars bumping into you. Since then, I’ve been using Salice on the road, on the trails or just being in the outdoors.  I’ve had a lot of training runs with it.  I’ve used it on my road races.  I’ve used it on trails and trekking mountains.  I’ve used it when driving or when I’m outdoors.

I’ve summarized below what I look for an eyewear and and how Salice measures up.

  • First in mind would be the basic, UV protection as the direct contact with the Ultra Violet Rays of the sun can be harmful to the eyes.  Just imagine the amount of UV rays you get being on the road for several hours running or biking.  Salice has a UV400 lens rating that ensures 100% protection from UV A, B and C Rays. 
  • Next is the weight and comfort of wearing them.    That’s another thing I like about Salice.  It’s made of ultra-lightweight materials and has a thermogrip inlaid temple tips with silicone.  This allows the eye wear to sit firmly on the bridge of the nose without straining it. That means a lot when you factor in the numerous hours you are using it.
  • Then I would also go for smudge proof lenses.  Salice has waterproof lenses. Since stains and water easily slides off the lens, it reduces the moisture that causes smudges.
  • Of course, another critical factor would be the price.  In terms of pricing, it’s in the middle region.  If you want functionality usually you’d go with the higher priced items.  Salice offers the same functionality as higher priced brands at half the price.
  • Then, I am also a fan of emerging brands. Since it entered the Philippine market.  It has now got a good chunk of the runners, cyclists and triathletes in the country as part of its market.

Training with matching colorway for my Salice Eyewear, Singlet and Newton Distance Shoes.

Running with Salice feels really comfortable being lightweight and has an adjustable nozzle to have a good firm fit in the nose.  That would prevent the eye wear from slipping.  It’s also made of durable materials which makes the product last longer under tough conditions.  When I say I like it smudge-proof is because I have the habit of pouring water into my head to cool down during a run.  That causes some eye wear to have moisture and smudges.  Being waterproof, Salice doesn’t retain moisture thus preventing smudges.   I can focus more on my running than taking time to dry my glasses or wiping them.  Lastly, I like how it’s tinted to have the mental edge over the Sun’s glare.  It’s always a struggle when the sun comes into play.  The heat is something you can train for but the glare can really obstruct your vision or worst, can even damage your eyes.   Most of the time, the sun comes towards the latter part of the race when you are already fatigued so having your shades block off the sun rays would give you a cooler and fresher look of the remaining course of the race.  As a bonus, it comes with a protective case and an extra lens.   In a nutshell, Salice is for athletes who loves the value of technology and value of money at the same time since it’s loaded with the high-end features at mid-range prices.

Bring in the heat cause I’m ready.

About Salice

A lot of Salice’s technology comes from its history.  The backstory of Salice’s performance lenses is one of time-tested durability. In 1919, the Italian company initially manufactured heavy-duty goggles and sunglasses for industrial and military use. As the popularity of Vespa and Lambretta motorbikes grew in the post-war years, the expanded demand prompted the company to launch its own line of glasses for bikers and skiers.  The Salice range currently includes sport-specific models for motocross, skiing, cycling, running, triathlon, and many other adrenaline-intensive activities, as well as leisure-oriented models for more laid-back pursuits.


Follow Salice

  • Salice Philippines Facebook Page
  • Twitter / Instagram: @salicePH
  • You can also test this piece of European craftsmanship on Philippine terrain yourself! Salice is available at The Brick Multisport Store (McKinley Hill; Cebu), Bike King, R.O.X., Primo Cycles, Secondwind Running Store (Greenhills; Ortigas; Quezon City), Specialized Concept Store, RUNNR (BHS; ATC; Toby’s MOA; Toby’s Shangri-la), Planet Sports (BHS; ATC), The Athlete’s Foot (Two Parkade), Epic Cycles Alabang, Nothing but Water Boracay, and Bike Town Cyclery.

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