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Victoria Peak Now Giving a Higher Peak of Hong Kong

Posted by on 8. December 2006
Victoria Peak
Peak Tram – One of HK’s oldest Mode of Transportation

Just like the Buddha, Victoria Peak was another attraction which Hong Kong renovated recently. I’ve visited the Peak at night during my first visit in 2003 and the night view was spectacular… visited it at the afternoon in June this year (aside from the main viewing deck in the Peak being closed, it was so foggy so not much to see)… so this year knowing that the Peak was now newly renovated, my cousin and I visited the Peak at mid-morning.
If I can remember right the Peak in 2003 had a side viewing deck which was high but not situated at the highest level of the Peak… The new Victoria Peak had its viewing deck located at the highest point of the Peak… a thing which I felt was both a boon and a bane for the attraction… Of course, being at the highest point enjoying the soft breeze at that altitude is a reward in itself… At a higher altitude, you can see more of the roof and less of the structures…
What else can you see at the Peak??? Well, you could easily see the IFC, Hong Kong’s tallest skyscraper… (I think 4th in the World… Taipei 101 of Taiwan is the highest as of the moment followed by Petronas of Malaysia)… Then, there’s a wax museum within the Peak but the fee is not included in the HK$33 fee for using the Peak Tram… The Tram is one of HK’s oldest modes of transportation… There are also souvenir shops and an EA Games arcade plus lots of restaurants which provide a nice view of Hong Kong…
Interesting bit of information, there are houses located in mountain areas surrounding the Peak which enjoys a higher altitude… Of course, the price of real estate is sky high at that altitude… The higher Peak still provides a nice peak of the whole city and is definitely a must for first time visitors of Hong Kong…

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