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Traveling in the Center

Posted by on 17. June 2009

I’ve been to Tarlac – Pampanga – Cabanatuan – Subic Area and somehow, it doesn’t provide much recall on places I’ve been to. These three areas are in the center of the road going to Manila.  We did have a chance to see Expo Filipino while it was still available on our way back from our college field trip.  Luisita Mall in Tarlac and also another mall in Cabanatuan.  That’s all of what I recall from back then.

A few years ago on my first drive to Baguio, we did stop by Isdaan at Gerona, Tarlac. I like how they have conceptualized the place. They have large structures, floating structures, fish feeding, fountains, nice array of food, entertainment and you can break plates to release some stress.  The food was really good and there’s also entertainment that can visit your place from time to time and also fish feeding.  It’s really a photo-friendly place as you can have a photo with the amazing structures and you can even have one while throwing plates in the stress wall.

I’ve been to Clark and Subic area for several times.  Clark for a holy week break in Clearwater Resort and it was a great place which had a scenic lake and a really wide place to do outdoor activities.  It was really an excellent place for a retreat.  I did enjoy the time. We were also able to visit Nayong Filipino which was a cultural haven and Zoocobio which features a lot of animals and some rides too.  It’s also an excellent place for runs and bike rides as its pretty much traffic proof and they have wide streets and well paved road.

Then there’s Subic which has been common for me as I do join runs have scenic bike rides here.  Subic owns some of the best beaches and a lot of outdoor attractions.  You can play with dolphins and watch entertaining dolphins and sea lions show at Ocean Adventure.  You can interact with animals and those ferocious tigers at Subic Zafari. You can go tree top adventure and jungle survival training in jest camp.  You can also do bat watching and playing with monkeys.  I really did have a great appreciation of Subic especially when I did a full 21K in these scenery.  Running does give you a greater appreciation of the places you’ve visited.

Then there’s Bataan which has Mount Samat which has a large cross a top of the mountain wherein you can see the whole of Bataan.  This was a shrine dedicated to the Filipino and Amricans that fell during World War 2.   It was really a big structure and since it is on top of the mountain it does make an impact.   I do get my regular visit here as part of work but I really want to visit Las Casas from their old school infrastructure.

I still have a lot of places to visit in Central Luzon and just means I will have more fun in exploring the center of Luzon and with SCTEX, this is an easier task to do.

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