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Train your Mind, Body and Soul at UNLTD

Posted by on 5. February 2021

Stress comes from all corners and keeping the balance is a daily challenge I get to shuffle between work, trainings and life in general. UNLTD located at 123 Pioneer St, Mandaluyong, gives you the biohacking advantage in helping the mind, body and soul be in perfect balance.


Biohacking is a new term for me; but, let’s not get lost in the complexity. Imagine the body as a machine and biohacking it is programming the body to respond to an optimal level. UNLTD has different biohacking machines like the Neuroptimal for the brain, Nano Vi and Lenyo for the body and immune system, Red Light Theraphy to simulate the benefits of Sunset and Saunaspace for detoxification. So there you go, UNLTD is your biohacking solution to strengthening your mind, body and soul.

My UNLTD Experience

Got to know of UNLTD from Chooseday League’s Ichang, Gryf and Ines posts and when I learned that they had a scheduled session, I went to join. I’m all about trying new experiencing and getting to learn on what’s biohacking. Upon arrival, I got a brief intro from the biohacker herself Eli on the different machines. Each machine is about 30 minutes each and was also able to join Eli’s sleeping class. So that’s the first tip in going to UNLTD, make sure you spare a few hours for the treatments.


The first treatment I took was Neuroptimal. You get plugged in to the machine and you can just watch a video. You can actually watch any video but for my first session, I got to watch a primer about the technology. It not only trains the brain but it’s also been used to treatments for trauma and other diseases. It’s easy as sitting at a chair and just let your mind and the machine do the work. I’ve been so reliant on my mental strength even when it comes to my athletic endeavors. I’m not as athletic so I tend to be more strategic. I remember in one race when I was unprepared with a sprained ankle, it was just my mind telling me not to give up and I did end up finishing the race. The mind is so powerful and with the proper optimization, it can even get better. I barely noticed time go by with these treatment.

Deep Sleep Training

If I had a superpower, I’d want it to be sleeping at will. I always have a hard time sleeping though I just compensate it with getting up at a later time. It was an immediate yes when Eli said if I’d want to join her class on Deep Sleep. Isn’t it cool, joining a class just to sleep? It was like Eli’s voice cradling us to sleep and ‘wahlah’ the next 40 minutes was gone. I would have wanted to sleep more but I wanted to try the other machines. It’s been a week since the session in UNLTD and I’m still logging in good sleep times until now.

Lenyo and NanoVi

After the short sleep class, Lenyo Bioregulation Therapy and NanoVi device was up next. There are so many options to choose from on the treatment and I opted for immune system, detoxification and digestion. It was another 30 minutes sessions where you just lie down and let the machine do their work. Lenyo uses safe Pulsed Electromagnetic Field that convert electromagnetic information into positive physiological response to maintain balance and restore wellness. NanoVi helps in the cell recovery of the body. Before treatment, I was constipated and felt heavy. Post treatment, I felt more relaxed and was able to detoxify faster the next few days.

Red Light Therapy

The Red Light Therapy room simulates the benefits of the early morning Sunrise to the body. It was another 30 minutes feeling the warmth of the lights as well as the visual color of sunlight with the red lights. The red light therapy helps in muscular pain relief, blood circulation, joint health as well as anti aging. That’s what the morning sunlight gives to us. I also learned from Eli that it’s better to see the sunrise without glasses so there won’t be an obstruction between the lights and the eyes.

Saunaspace Infrared Technology

My last treatment was the Sauna room and like regular sauna, it helps you sweat and flush out the toxins in your body. Compared to regular sauna’s Infrared sauna also raises the body temperature to give it a fuller detoxification. There were different level of heat in the room with one side with four lights and the other with just one. I was turning around to get the full effect. I also had water so I won’t be dehydrated inside the room. Felt much lighter after another 30 minutes in the Saunaspace.

UNLTD Benefits

I’ve tried 4 machines plus a sleep class and I’m still feeling the benefits a week after. From a relaxed mind to a fully recovered body and a full soul, UNLTD has definitely biohacked me in a way to operate at a more optimal level. An afternoon at UNLTD was a welcome relief from the daily chores I have to do and honestly, I need more sessions like this.

If you’d like to check them out too, follow or contact them here.

  • Facebook: UNLTD
  • Website:
  • Address: 123 Pioneer Street, 2F Guerrero Compound, Mandaluyong City

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