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The Tide is Turning

Posted by on 22. August 2010

The tide is turning and I’m a bit more upbeat and in rhythm and just hopeful that the good days are finally approaching. One of the most difficult situation to be in is being left in the middle of uncertainty wherein you are not sure where you stand. It is really better to just take the fall and take the downside cause at least you’ll know that the only way to go is up. It may be a longer way but at least it gets you moving on. Redemption always starts from within.

I’m glad that I have a renewed focus on my health. Not only have I started running again, I am now also taking some time to run during weekdays to get myself fit. I still have a long way to go in being leaner but at least I’m on the right track. It was really fun to take this early evening runs and it’s a welcome change after spending months just bumming around home in hibernation mode after office. Hopefully, I can have a consistent effort on this. The goal is simple, be better.

I guess that’s a modest goal cause life won’t always be fair, people won’t always give you what is due and situations won’t always be the way you like to look at them but we can always choose to strive to be better. We never lose this way. We may not have the things we desire but there’ll always be something in store if we just wait for the real story unfolds. We can have our happy endings but it will just be a matter of time and effort.

And about being fair, I don’t get it why some people, even at an advanced level in their careers, have some issue with young people performing well and achieving so much. They tend to be competitive and disruptive. For all its worth everything I have, I worked for and the respect I get from counter parties speaks for itself. People love to claim the credit and pass on the blame. Accountability starts from the top.

Oh well, all will be in its proper perspective in due time and we’ll have our time at the helm and a time when things fall apart. I’m just glad that things are in the upside.

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