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The Music Run 2016

Posted by on 7. December 2016

Music is a piece of art that goes into the ear and straight to the heart.  The Music Run indeed was a welcome change of atmosphere to the regular runs as thousands of runners went on their way to complete the course being entertained by the different music genre.

The Music Run

With Andro from Brooks.

With Andro from Brooks.

I’ve been either busy or in sick bay for the past few days but good thing I was fit enough to enjoy The Music Run.  It was a great that The Music Run comes at such an easy pace that I didn’t have to worry about over-stressing myself coming from sickness.  It’s among the most fun run concept ever with overflowing music as you enter each station and the super festive after party.  It’s a 5 kilometer run just around McKinley West area, which is developing into an excellent run location with its wide roads and rolling terrain.

The Race

Feeling Wacky with my Oakley Crystal Frogskins

Feeling Wacky with my Oakley Crystal Frogskins

Saturday would be a busy day for me since I was coming from an event in the SM Megamall Area, braving the traffic, park at BGC and walk my way to McKinley West. Short story told, I was able to reach the venue by 3:30 pm, with a 4 pm gun start.  I was able to catch up with some friends before the race.  At gun start, it started drizzling so I made my way to the shade since I’m not on waterproof mode now.  I just opted to start a much later wave when it was no longer raining.  Redg joined me at this wave.

Rock Station

The release of the waves were spaced every two minutes to give runners enough leg room to run and enjoy the route.  We barely noticed the time as there was DJs, live music and some giveaways.  When it was our turn, we were showered by a rainbow of confetti at the Rock station.  It’s time for some rock music to warm ourselves up.  The McKinley terrain is rolling so even at walking pace, it keeps you challenged.

It was nice seeing so many happy faces not only running but even jumping and dancing with the music.  There was even a stretch were people where doing the YMCA in unison.  The beauty of an uphill terrain is that it goes downhill after, that means, it’s time to run!!!

Thanks Manong RJ of Running Photographers for capturing this moment.

Thanks Manong RJ of Running Photographers for capturing this moment.

After weeks of not much activity, it was really great to get the fell of running again and that’s with the mix of music all over the place.

Happy!!! - Photo by Running Photographers

Happy!!! – Photo by Running Photographers

After the sweet descent, we entered the Pop Music area.  After a faster beat at the start, we are now treated to a different beat with several colorful balls and displays to play with at the Pop Area.   Growing up with Pop and Hip Hop as rivaling music genres, Pop was the middle ground.  It was soothing, relaxing and came with a good story.

It was a short and sweet time at the pop area. After we made our turn, we were on our way to the old school area.

I noticed how some music genres have already combined and can already sound similar. Pop, rock, hip hop and dance can mix and match without even noticing it. Old school has its own unique sound that have been held timeless over the passing of time.  That was the fun part of the old school area and also partly being slightly a part of that era too.  Yes, Old School is cool for me.   There was also a stage area where people were performing at this area.

Up next was the hip hop area.  It was another musical genre that has developed a strong following.  It was fun breezing by the hip hop station especially since there was one section where there were dancers dancing to the hip hop beat and it was too tempting not to join them.

4 out of 5 stations and it’s approaching dawn.  It was really nice going slow for this one as each music station has it’s own unique flavor.  Up next was the dance station.

It’s another up-to-the-beat station and we are approaching the end of the race.  Well, we might as well have some fun before we call it a day.

We had to jump around several stacked hula hoops.  As long as they don’t make me do the hula hoop, we’ll be fine. =>  It was really fun to see so many different concept with a race aside from the full blast of music to power your run.  We had a short stop at a dark tunnel with luminous display and character before heading to the finish line.

That was really fun!!! Well, that’s just the beginning as the after-party of The Music Run is way even better. It had food stalls, games, sponsors booth and a lot of music and dancing. Great Job to the team behind The Music Run. ‘Til your next visit.

Solid Jaredsters

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