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The Finer Days Are Back

Posted by on 3. May 2010

I was sick for the most part of the last few days on my way to Singapore… Head ache… Fever… Cough… Cold… Sore Throat… and Tonsillitis… The heat wave has gone so far and going through the rigors of a board meeting with so little energy and at sick bay has made things challenging. I was able to do my presentation and provide my inputs despite being sick. Well, nothing beats a positive attitude but of course, I still have to be a bit more healthy and have more rest as I approach the finer days again.

I do have this brief slack period coming after AGM and before half year preparations and I’m now looking forward to squeezing some vacations shortly. We’ll be going to Villa Escudero with SGV friends by mid-month and trying to find some time for another trip down under. Wait, I am also being requested to be in Cambodia and Shanghai this month… Oh no… how to fit all those in without practically living in the airport. I still haven’t hit the beach during the summer. That complicates the equation. Think… Think… Think…
Had a nice time in Singapore. AGM went from boring to very interesting with our first hand experience of getting resolutions passed by poll. Dramatic AGM, I can say. But what makes SG trips worth its while is meeting SG based friends. I was able to have dinner with Sharon, Tin, Warna and Edmond. We missed Unversal Studios since it was sold out but still had fun in Sentosa. There’ll be something to look forward in my next visit.
I’m now living in anticipation of the days to come and it doesn’t mean that I’m leaving the past behind but I’m taking the past in as a part of who I am and we’ll see. Every piece should fall in the right place in time. I just want to stay positive and believe that the finer days are back and that the best is yet to come.

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