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The Big Book

Posted by on 30. May 2013


Running Lifestyle

I’ve switched to the running lifestyle a few years ago  starting from walking 3K races to having a structured training program under a coach and the difference was impressive.  I was able to conquer my running goals from finishing 10 kilometers in an hour, running several half marathons and doing duathlons.  The road from then to now wasn’t easy as you have to invest time to train, manage some injuries and keep yourself passionate and motivated at all times.   I still have a lot of goals to conquer and it’s never easy but one thing for sure each finish line I cross, each obstacle I overcome, each personal record I break, each new distance conquered all feels so satisfying.  Crossing the finish line changes lives and it also builds character.  I’m a much better and tougher person now from the person I used to be before I took my first step in the running lifestyle.

Big Book of Marathon

Multi-Awarded Elite Triathlete Arland Macasieb introduces the Big Book

The Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Trainings is like having your own Coach as it covers everything about preparing for half and full marathons from trainings, nutrition, injury prevention, going into the actual race day and even beyond it.  It also has some inspirational stories from different runners around the world.   The Big Book of Marathon is brought to you by The Runners World and presented by Newton Running with 1968 Boston Marathon winner Amby Burfoot, seasoned marathon and Runner’s World’s Chief Running Officer Bart Yasso and another running advocate Jennifer Van Allen as authors.  The book is perfect for budding runners, seasoned runners and even those who just need to be inspired.  I am still able to learn a lot even if I’ve been visible in the running scene for quite some time.  When you’re up against the distance, you’ll need every ounce of inspiration and advice you get in conquering your half  and full marathon goals.    The Big Book provides a valuable resource from the essentials to the small items you’d love to know about the marathon and training for it.  Who knows, you may be the one sharing your winning tips when another big book comes around.  The Big Book of Marathon and Half Marathon Training retails at P350 and is available at your favorite bookstores nationwide.

 Newton Coaching Certification Program

While you’re preparing for your next half or full marathon, why not take it to the next level by becoming a Coach yourself.  Newton launches a coaching certification program handled by Multi-awarded Elite Triathlete Arland Macasieb.  Key personnel from Runnr shops and Toby’s were among the first to undergo the coaching certification program and can now proudly add the word coach to their names.  This would also be helpful in making Runnr and Toby’s stores an excellent resource for runners visiting their shops with running tips from proper shoe gait to form and others.  You can be a Newton certified running coach too as they plan to have another certification session come August this year.   Be a running ambassador and coach under the Newton Coaching Certification program.  Now, that’s something I’d like to consider too but for now, Arland left me a message in the book.

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