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The Best and Worst of Times

Posted by on 12. September 2010

Sometimes I get to feel that it’s always harder to be the good person. After all the hard work and all the effort, people would just come in, undermine your and your team’s capabilities and take all the credit. It’s really easier just being the insecure credit-grabber but I guess doing the right thing may not always be the easiest and most rewarding alternative but in the long run, it is the most satisfying.

I’d like to think that insecurity is the best form of flattery because if people need to pull you down just to stay afloat, it just means that you have something they covet. I don’t think they’d be anywhere close to getting what they want cause everything starts with respect and if you can’t respect other people, then the best you can get is just fear from them and not their respect or admiration. It does make a whole world of difference. Nothing permanent is ever gained by taking advantage of people.

I would want to seek a sanctuary where people are more secure. That’s probably one of the reason why I’m so hooked into running since in running you only get to compete against yourself and that form of competition can only bring out the best in you. I’m glad I am able to sneak a few runs at night and able to join a fun run in this jam-packed long weekend which also had a great party with the AGSB Gang at Republiq and a Lazy boy ‘Despicable Me’ movie experience. I guess this weekend was well-worth all those difficult days at work.

Despite the harder road I’m taking, I still feel upbeat and that’s because I believe if you’re ready for the worst, you’re ready for the best. Even if I end on the downside on all the possible scenarios that could pop out, I’d still would find a way of doing something meaningful. I may not get everything I want, I may not win all my battles, I may not have fulfilled all my goals and so on… I know I’ll be fine… and now, if things go on the upside, then I’ll be ready to reap the rewards…

Life is really simple… we are the one that creates the circumstances that complicates it…

Excess Inkblogs: To such a perfect stranger, I don’t know if you still visit these pages but I know you get to celebrate your day in a few days. Though everything now lies in the distant past, I’d like you to know that I sincerely wish for your happiness.

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