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#TaleOfTheTrail Star Trail Challenge Route (Sampaloc, Tanay, Rizal)

Posted by on 3. November 2017

The STAR Trail Challenge Route is a scenic overload with a lot of vantage points showcasing the Sierra Madre Mountain Range.  It’s gonna give you a runners high with a lot of run-able section.  The Sampaloc route will leave you mystified by the beauty of Dayapa Falls and a long stretch of river treks.

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STAR Trail Challenge 2017


There’s something magical about the Sampaloc Trails that we immediately fell in love with the place.  It was the top choice for the next Sierra Trail Adventure Race (STAR).  There’s a stretch that feels so green with the mountains and ridges surrounding you.  There’s the mystical yet challenging river trek with a little bit of bouldering.  There’s Dayapa Falls that flows through the river.  Of course, there are long stretches of run-able downhills and lung-busting climbs.  It’s a route you’ll love for the views and you’ll always remember for the challenges.

Trekking the Sampaloc Trails

The first run at the Sampaloc Trails was last year with the Pinoy Trails Team.  We started from Sampaloc town area entering the trail while exiting at Tanay Adventure Camp before we took the road back to Sampaloc Town proper.  It was around 15 kilometers of trails and road combined.  It was a feel good trail with moderate ascents with a visual delight in the surrounding mountain ranges.  It’s a run-able course that’s perfect for that adrenaline-rush on the trails.

We went back to trails last April with Jun and Rene, where we had a 16 kilometer of mostly trails and a variety of dirt surfaces.  We started at Tanay Adventure Camp, took the descending road before entering the Sampaloc Trails.  The Sampaloc Trails is really run-able, refreshing and moderately ascending with sweet descents.  We then had an option to take the upper trail to Tanay Adventure Camp or take the lower trail heading to Dayapa Falls. We took the lower trails, which was a lot more scenic with some areas which felt like New Zealand with its lush green surroundings.  We ended up in Daraitan Road and went on with the river trek part heading to Dayapa Falls.

The river trek part was a bit of a challenge as there were some parts where we had to go through boulders.  The route is safe though as it’s also a route for locals.  There’s about two kilometers of River Trek and it was really refreshing to be in this part as why tried to find our way to the falls.  The falls was also beautiful and it was followed by a climb back to Tanay Adventure Camp.  The climb is steep on the lower part but gets manageable as you move up.  The views also will keep your mind occupied on the climb.

I went back again last May with Redg and Richard and we tried a different combination this time.  We took the road and trail loop to the Sampaloc Trail while taking the upper route this time.  The loop was just 4 kilometers so we went on to the descent to Dayapa falls and it was really fun to go downhill running on this stretch.  It’s always refreshing to be at the falls as we took our time to play around there before heading up back to Tanay Adventure Camp.  The climb was a bit of a challenge last May because it was a bit hotter and we started a bit late.  The views made up for our effort though.

We went back again for the route recon for STAR Trail Challenge. This time we did the actual route starting with the 4 kilometer downhill challenge route to Dayapa Falls.  After the rainy season, Dayapa Falls was a lot more beautiful as you can see all the layers of the falls flow through the river.  There are some muddy stretches heading to the falls though.  The river also looked a lot more scenic and mystical.  It felt a lot more refreshing and established.  Then there’s the stretch of the Sampaloc Trails with the lush green view of Tanay right in front of you.

STAR Trail Challenge

The Sampaloc Trails is the home of STAR Trail Challenge in 2017 and it’s gonna be a festive ride with both the Pinoy Trails Team and the Be Trail Ready Team heading the trail festivities.  Spend your December 10, 2017 enjoying the wonderful trails at Sampaloc and let the trails be your playground.

There’s also a race within a race for the First Time with the 1st Hoka One One Downhill Challenge.

  • 1st Hoka One One Downhill Challenge is a race within the race and it’s been incorporated in STAR Trail Challenge.
  • Hoka One One started as a downhill running shoes with its superior cushioning, support and traction.
  • All Hoka One One users during the race are automatically part of the 1st Hoka One One Downhill Challenge.
  • The first four kilometers of the race for 8K, 12K and 21K would be a straight downhill race with its distinct finish line.
  • The fastest time recorded on the said distance regardless of category would win a Hoka One One shoes.
  • If you’re wearing Hoka One One during the race, you’re also entitled to an exclusive finisher item for being part of the Hoka One One Downhill Challenge.
  • There’s a 20% discount voucher as part of your registration so now is the best time to use it.


Race Details


Date and Venue:

  • Date: December 10, 2017
  • Venue: Tanay Adventure Camp, Sampaloc, Tanay, Tizal

Fees and Inclusions

  • 8K – P800
  • 12K – P900
  • 21K –P1,100
  • Kids Race – P500
    • 1.5K for 5-8 years old
  • Inclusions
    • Event Shirt
    • Bib
    • Finisher Medal
    • Loot Bag
    • Entrance to Tanay Adventure Camp
    • Environmental Fee

Route Description

  • 8K – The 8 kilometer distance descends to Dayapa Falls for the first four kilometers before heading back to Tanay Adventure Camp.
  • 12K – The 12K distance descends to Dayapa Falls for the first four kilometers followed by 2 kilometers of river crossing and trails before heading back to Tanay Adventure Camp.
  • 21K – The 21K distance descends to Dayapa Falls for the first four kilometer followed by 3 kilometers of river crossing and trails and another 3 and a half kilometers of rolling Sampaloc Trails before heading back to Tanay Adventure Camp.


  • Online via Manila Box Office

Race Updates

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