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Take the Bloat Away with Trizie Fiber

Posted by on 9. August 2021


With all the work and healthcare stresses we encounter day to day, the struggle shifts to being fit, strong and mobile. Bloating is not a good everyday companion. Like it or not, it can really weigh your everyday life. Everything seems heavier, mobility gets lower and metabolism slows down. Take that bloat away with Trizie Fiber with its rich fiber and cleansing anti-oxidant properties.

Trizie Fiber

Battle of the Bulge

Fitness level drops and with age and it becomes a struggle to keep fit. Don’t get me wrong, we can be fit but any age level but it takes more effort. There’s even more struggle with the workload and the seemingly never-ending battle with this pandemic. Sometimes, I take it as a reality that stress is here to stay and with stress comes the heavy feeling of being bloated. I’m a little heavy now that how I used to be maybe years ago but the thing I hate is that sluggishness and the heavy feeling of being bloated.

I still do my round of workouts at home through Zwift workouts, runs within the compound and at times, trail runs. That still pales in comparison to how things were before the pandemic but if this is the battle of the bulge, I’m fighting it real hard. Slow and steady, I’m slowly adding more intensity with my workouts. Then, there’s nutrition to factor in with this ongoing battle of the bulge.

I got a chance to try Trizie light fiber in Passion Fruit Flavor. For one, it’s easy to use. Just add water and you’re good to go. What makes Trizie Fiber an ally in the battle of bulge? Well, aside from Passion Fruit being really tasty, it’s a rich source of anti-oxidant. It’s among the Super fruits rich in vitamins, fiber and anti-oxidants. It does also get the flavor of Passion Fruit in its mix; which makes it a really tasty treat. It’s one word to say it’s rich in anti-oxidants and another thing to try it. I got the sampler pack, which is 3 packs you can take several days.

When I was using the product, I had a more regular bowel movement; which led to a lighter feel and removes the feeling of bloatedness. From the struggle in weight loss, I got to shed a few pounds on the 3-day cycle. I also felt more mobile and felt better after. The fiber in the product aids in the digestion and the anti-oxidants helps in the cleansing.

Felt lighter and slimmer with a mix of workout and Trizie Fiber

I felt lighter on my workout and while I still am far from my fitness level before. I think this is a good start. Less on the bloat just means more mobility. Having your regular dose of fiber and anti-oxidant through Trizie can really give you more confidence on the battle of the bulge as well as more mobility on the workouts and in the day to day activities.

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