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Take a Break from the City at Blackwood in Tanay

Posted by on 6. October 2020
Blackwood: Your sanctuary in the middle of nature

“A Villa, a Pool, a Waterfall and a trail at the heart of nature in Tanay, That’s Blackwood in a Nutshell.  Enjoy a hidden gem in Blackwood, where you can spend a family friendly intimate commune with nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the City.”


A villa by the poolside.

Wake up in the middle of nowhere surrounded by the lush-green forests of Tanay with your family or your select friends.  That would define a perfect getaway now-a-days with people putting premium on intimate gatherings over the overcrowded places.  Blackwood, is located just 700 meters from the renowned Sierra Madre Hotel, and surrounded by the calming view of nature.  It has its own pool just within the Villa and a trail that gives you an overlooking view of Blackwood and the mountain ranges and a really visually-delightful waterfalls just within a few hundred meters from the villa.  Imagine enjoying all of this exclusively with your friends and family.  Well, you can stop imagining and start making that dream getaway by booking it exclusively for you and your loved ones with the Airbnb link below:

A Weekend at Blackwood

Surrounded by the scenic Sierra Madre Mountain Range

Tanay for me has been a common trail retreat for me with my first few trail races both as a runner and an event organizer mounted on the scenic Tanay landscape.  There’s an unlimited view of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range along so many scenic areas, established local and mountain trails and a haven for several waterfalls and mountain peaks.  Any day in Tanay is a fit day for me.  My last visit to Blackwood was priceless as it was full of fitness activity, commune with nature and a breather from the toxic City life.

Its trees and greens all over Tanay.

While the rest of the group went straight to Blackwood, I got a chance to run from San Andres Area, Mysawa area until Fresno Agro Forestry Reserve and back to the main road heading to Sierra Madre Hotel. It was an easy 11 kilometer run with a lot of overlooking views of the mountain range. 

Clean and comfortable rooms

The rest of the day was spent bonding by the villa and by the pool while appreciating the isolation and the calming view of nature.

Blackwood is such a nice place to chill.

The next day, we had a tour of the trails within Blackwood.  The trail has also the different stations of the cross, which can get popular during holy week.  It was raw and highly forested trail, which leads to a view deck, where you get to see Blackwood as it’s the lone villa in the area surrounded by nature’s greens. 

Blackwood is a lone villa in the middle of nature.

At the lower end of the trail was its very own water falls, which is just a few hundred meters away from the villa.  After the visit in the falls, we had fresh buko juice waiting for us.  It rained in the afternoon and so I did what a kid would naturally do in the rain.  That’s playing in the rain and enjoying a dip in the pool after.  After that, we had a chill afternoon and night bonding and got to eat out at a local restaurant within the area.

Your very own waterfalls just a few hundred meters from the Villa

For our last day, we had a short run around Tanay going to the lower end of Cuyambay area and going back to the main road for our breakfast.  Eat and run activities always entice me.  Aside from the usual Sierra Madre backdrop, we also got to see some of the inner trails within the area before playing around with the hanging bridge and obstacles at Sierra Madre Hotel before heading back to Blackwood.  Sierra Madre Hotel is impressive on its own with offering different vantage points of Tanay and a lot of fun and challenging obstacles. That’s another 10-kilometer run to wrap up the weekend.  

Enjoying the obstacle course at Sierra Madre Mountain Resort

After making Blackwood our home for 3 days, it was time to head home.  The weekend went by so fast but it was such a nice breather and something I can confidently say, that anyone can enjoy an intimate time with family and friends at Blackwood.

Active Fun at Blackwood and Sierra Madre Resort

But, don’t take my word for it, experience it yourself!

Peace and serenity awaits at Blackwood

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