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Tagaytayan Na!!!

Posted by on 2. April 2007

With the coming of summer, comes the idea of summer getaway and for several castaways from Ateneo… the getaway meant a relaxing (a bit exhausting due to sleep deprivation) and exciting weekend at the windy climate of Tagaytay.

Rendezvous was at Starbucks Rockwell at 9 am (which eventually moved a little forward to various events). The first leg of the race (I mean trip) was a drive to The Riviera in Silang, Cavite. At the Riviera, we were treated to sumptuous treat at the club house (with its no slippers please and no sleeveless tops for guys policy… hehe…) and an afternoon of bumming around in front of the poolside. After a few hours of rest and relaxation, we were back to the road to Tagaytay on our way to the house we rented in Rodeo Drive where we were treated to a rare glimpse of sunset on one side and at the same time, the moon rising on the other side.

It was an all-star cast in terms of participation (Franc, Blue, Jan, Bogs, Grace, Nikki, Owen, MJ, Vangie, Cig, Mascy, Rocky and Diane). The food was great courtesy of Don Owen for The Riviera and a masterfully prepared meal prepared by Blue (who’s a part owner of B1 café… for your food and catering needs… hehe…). Drinks were overflowing and the cool serene atmosphere in Tagaytay was a welcome break from the warm and a bit polluted Manila backdrop. The house was a real nice house to stay and party with so much space and room for all though most of us crammed ourselves to sleep on the veranda at the second floor where we had the cool breeze to serve as our aircon for the night.

The away time from the cosmopolitan lifestyle in the metropolis is always an event to look forward to and with friends to share the house, the laughter and the all the mixed emotions that came from a variety of intertwining yet unique personalities. Of course, being clustered in a house gives quite a housemate feel ala Pinoy Big Brother… hehe… Though this time, I don’t think we need to evict anybody. Maybe the poll should go… on who among us should be Big Brother… my vote goes to Blue… I think if you know Blue this should be self explanatory…

Even as we welcomed the next day, most of us were still awake with the last batch, me included went to sleep at past 4 am with poor me being the first to wake up at 6 am (that’s sleep deprivation) and unable to catch my slumber mood again. After breakfast, some already left for various commitments back in Manila but for some (Franc, Cig, Jan, Bogs, Owen, Mascy, Diane and Rocky), the weekend never ends as I say… – lunch at Leslie’s (whose air conditioned area look liked a canteen but had an excellent view of Taal Volcano…then halo halo & ice cream and another round of bumming around at poolside at The Riviera… then a visit to Havianas shop in Alabang Town Center and finally a dinner at Manongs in Alabang.

Was able to reach home a little past ten, where after my regular routine I retired to sleep to catch up… and catch up I did with me oversleeping until past 8 am missing my coding cutoff and just communing to work instead of driving… as well as being very late on the first working day of April… well, such a small price for an eventful weekend, I guess…

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