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Tag Ulan sa Pinas

Posted by on 16. August 2012

After his last caricature Pasko sa Pinas, my friend Mike Famaranglas’ doodles is back on this site.  This was sort of a tradition in the school paper decades back that we’d have caricatures take center stage in our paper.


Rainy is already an understatement to the last several weeks in the Philippines as we’ve been battered by strong and continues rains resulting to almost the whole of Metro Manila and nearby areas flooded.  There were many properties and even lives lost because of the rains and its aftermath but one thing that stands out in calamities like this is the Filipinos spirit of heroism and resiliency.  Remember this photo that became viral after Ondoy.


This is very true as heroes come from anywhere.  Situations like this brings out the best in the Filipino as they share what they have and give what they must even if its not much just for everybody to get past calamities like this.  It’s always a shining moment to see the Filipino’s community-based approach on rising up from disasters.  When it comes to the relief efforts, the support is always overwhelming.  It’s not always how big we can spare but those little things coming from a population of over 90 million means a lot. Another known trait is the Filipinos resiliency wherein another quote went viral after the recent rains, flash floods and landslides.


You might as wall add shock proof and life proof as the Filipino are never known quitters when it comes to rising up from life’s blows.  Over the past few decades, the Philippines has gone through so much from Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, super typhoons, landslide, flash floods and even several political upheavals.  The Filipino remains standing after all this and still can carry a smile on their face.  We’re not the rich, we’re not too technologically advance but when it comes to recovering and getting past the difficult times, we’re probably the best in the world.  That may be due to close family ties and being by nature a happy race.  We easily get please and even make fun out of anything even at times situation like this.  Waterproof indeed, “Baha ka lang, Pilipino kami.”

Love it or hate it, the Philippines can be at times chaotic but the Filipino people are by nature a strong race and what they lack in wealth, they make up with fighting spirit and the will to move on.  With all the heroism and valor it connotes,  I end with a quote from the President, “masarap maging Pilipino sa panahong ito.”

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