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Super Franc

Posted by on 18. December 2010

I’d always want to be super… I want to be beyond ordinary… Yet I find comfort to not being in the center of attention…

There is just a a part in me that’s super and one of them is the no quit attitude and always getting to go unscathed even at the toughest of time. Well, I had a physically demanding week and how I got past it or how I’m gonna get past the weeks to come is beyond my imagination but I’d like to say that lets take it a minute at a time or maybe a blip of a second at a time. Multi tasking has been one of my expertise. I’d probably bore myself to death just by doing a single task.

I’ve barely stop lately and I’ve been sleep-deprived from the things I had to do… Survived a major road block which seemed impossible to hurdle at first… Organizing party for former colleagues that had me shifting from one venue to another… Buying those ever elusive Christmas gifts this late in the season… Christmas party at the office x 2… Meeting friends in between gasps… Attending Simbang Gabi (Goodbye 9 mornings, I lasted only 2 days with the hectic lifestyle)… Aircon-less plant visit to Bataan and back in Manila… Logging those kilometers which is such a problem fitting in at this time of year… a circuit interval training that had combined push ups, sit ups, dead bugs, air squats and planks plus a lot of sprinting… and work… work… work…

I’m taking a short breather but I still have gifts to buy, compression socks and tights to pick up, friends to meet, party to finalize, vertical race to run, training to resume, angry birds to guide in annihilating those darn pigs (LOL)… balangay to visit, party to attend to, FS to finalize, another round at SNR, gifts to give and yes, I’ll still be working until the 23rd. If I get past this, I’d like to reclaim the word Super in my name which I hadn’t been for a while.

I stopped being Super Franc from the time I stopped being such a people pleaser. You have to be you own person first before you can please other people but this one resurgence of Super Franc is borne out of the need of the time. If there’s one thing that drives me is that I’m not a fan of failure and even if things would pile up all at the same time, I still want to get it over with… No excuses… I’m happy doing so much in such a short span of time. A mission accomplished is a reward in itself.

So here I come to save the day… well, not always. It’s funny how the real world works that with great power comes greater irresponsibility and effects of those are for the lesser powered ones to fix or bear. Everybody loves the power, the authority and the prestige but not everyone wants to take responsibility and accountability. That’s the good thing in seeing things the way we see it as kids that heroes do the right thing, good conquers evil, crime does not pay because if we all see it this way, then it will be such a wonderful place to be in. Of course, those are the things away from reality but hope and dream is not such a bad word in this chaotic universe.

I won’t always be Super but at this time of the year, I would just for the simple reward of seeing people smile after a selfless deed… =>

Excess Inkblogs: I really wanted to complete my 9 mornings for a simple wish of having peace of mind about so many things… work, decisions and people… I did last 2 mornings and I don’t think I can still go on further with the barrage of things to do… So I won’t make it a wish but I’ll hope to have it before the clock ticks its final second of 2010.

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