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Stuck in Stressville

Posted by on 20. February 2011

It’s not as if my life was not in the fast lane and now, I’m stuck in Stressville with a few days going to the board meeting, I still have issues to resolve and clueless on how things will end up. The surprises that came in were beyond expectations. Makes you think, what’s the use of all the preparation when in just a flick of the hand, you’re back to square one. That’s what you get when you don’t get the right people in the right places. Oh well, it’s now a game of reaction. I’ll just see it through that we get pass this even if I know the efforts would go on unappreciated.

It just seem the flavor of the season but I don’t work to get appreciated or to get rewards but to get the job done. It’s just de-motivating to know that people get rewarded for grabbing credit for other people’s hard work. The tough days are not done but it is always glad to look forward to those better days and I’m booked for those warm summer days starting in a few weeks.

My schedules is as full as ever with work + training and soon vacation would be added to the equation. I’m back to back weekend runs this week and next, then Coron the week after. With all that’s happening, I forgot that I’ll be turning a year older though I’m not as upbeat with that fact this time for a change. It just seems nice to see those wonderful time if I only I could survive the next three days.

My brain is all maxed up… my body is all beat up… have coughs and colds… and I have still to find a way to get things done. It’s quite interesting to note that I’ve been consistently sick in all the previous board meetings. I need to find better things to do but for now I have to find a way to get past Stressville.

Thoughtless Thoughts: One of the best comfort you can give yourself is to be secure with what you have.

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