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Some Walls are not Meant to be Broken

Posted by on 19. September 2010

Even at your best efforts, you eventually run through a wall… Maybe to stop and think a while… Maybe to learn to climb and strive harder… But the wall we face or the wall we build are just products of our experiences… A defense mechanism or our means of protecting people. It’s been a difficult time trying to breach past some walls built in the recent past by people who do matter and I now come to the conclusion that some walls are not meant to be broken and I’ll just live by the comfort that some bridges do open up for me to explore new territories. I guess that’s how life has to prosper, get past the things you can’t control and try to make out the most of the things you can.

There are always tradeoffs. We don’t have to get the best of everything cause it’ll leave room for us aspire. With proper perspective, everything would make sense and we do end up in a better scenario than the one we expected. The one who is able to take the lessons of life’s blessings and beatings prosper the most. It’s no use to beat oneself up with past mistakes cause you’ll always have your shot at redemption.

I’m glad that I spent the weekend in Baguio. I was able to catch up with cousins at the Manor including one expecting a major major event. Looks like I’m homebound again in a few weeks. I really like the ambience at the Manor somehow, it gets to remind me of the Baguio City I grew up in. I did get to see my favorite inaanak, Yna, who’s all grown up now. It seems just like yesterday that I was playing with her five year old version. It was a nice dinner at Don Hen with family. In short, I’m stuffed for the weekend. The weather was cool and rainy and it made me feel the weather I loved in this city.

I’ll get to burn all that I’ve gain over the weekend during my weeknight runs. Running is slowly now becoming a part of my habit and I’m looking forward to getting a chance to join another race next weekend. I hope that I can maintain a fit lifestyle. I have to work on my speed and stamina to take on a longer distance. I still have a long way to go but I’ll get there. I’ll always try to make time for this activities.

One thing I take pride of is that I have effectively managed my time to fit in the running routine. I take in the criticism that I tend to be complacent by people who just judge my work based on the time spent at the office. I’ll always stand by the quality of the output of what I’ve done whether its done in 8 hours or 18 hours. I work to live but I don’t live to work. I’d also want to explore new avenues like fund-raising, consulting, teaching and my first love, writing on the side. I guess, I’m born to multi-task. I feel that more bridges are opening and I’m nothing but excited to go on new frontiers…

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