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Posted by on 23. November 2005

Had a brief but tiring business trip to China last week… With just four days to spare I was in a real bind unlike in my previous visit wherein I was in China for more than two weeks.

As all business trip are, it’s mostly work but less fun though I did had a chance to revisit the Oriental TV Tower and The Bund. This time, I was able to go at the highest point for visitors in the tower at 350m compared to about 260 meters in my first visit. The TV Tower is Asia’s highest tower and the third in the world (Read my Travel Tips blog for more info). The Bund was both historic and a wonderful attraction… old structures illuminated by light in a city also known as the city of light. I was also able to visit Xintiendi, a popular night attraction for foreigners in Shanghai…

Also squeezed in the four day trip was a visit at our plant in Shandong, China… It’s over an hour away by plane from Shanghai. Nothing much new here but the climate was real cold here especially that it’s already winter time. The temperature was about 4-5 degrees during the day and sometimes is negative at the coldest part of the night.

After all the trip comes the difficult part, the work backlog… not to mention my strategic paper in MBA (Thank God, this is my last term). It’s the resumption of my busy routine once again… Anyhow, there’s still festivities to look out for amidst the volume of things to do… There’s always time to enjoy especially that Christmas is not just around the corner… it’s in the wall in front of me.

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