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San Fab Vacation House Again

Posted by on 16. October 2012

Sunsets are really priceless!

San Fab Vacation House

Last month, my sister asked me when would I finally get my free time so I scheduled it just a week after back to back racing weekends.  It was time for another family bonding exercise and since we did enjoy our last stay at San Fab Vacation House (Read Here) last June, we’re coming back for another round of fun and entertainment.  The area is somehow a compromise compared to the rest of the family indulging in Manila or us going lazy in Baguio.   San Fab Vacation House being a privately owned property which can be rented at reasonable rates that has some pool and facilities to enjoy has now been a sanctuary where we can spend family gatherings.

Lost in Clark Adventure

Lost in Clark, Yet Again

The drill was I was suppose to leave Makati early morning to pick up my sister in Clark before heading off to La Union.  Well, coming from a bowling game the night before, I ended up leaving late and worse I got lost in Clark, yet again.  The last time we went to Clark, I got lost while running and this time it was while driving instead of heading to Mimosa, I ended up in the other side of Clark before finally getting to Mimosa.  Running late so one more pit stop in Tarlac to pick up my cousin and off to La Union in time to catch the Sun Set. By this time my cousins already were able to play basketball, sleep and swim a bit.  First thing I did was to shoot some hoops and then it was time to appreciate the sunset.

The elevation enables you to catch the Seaside View of the Sunset.

Happy Birthday Third!!!

Third’s Second Birthday

For some reason, our visit coincided again with another birthday and this time it my inaanak’s Third Second Birthday.  The last time it was my older inaanak Arvin who celebrated his birthday.  So add in another celebration to the already great gathering.  It was more of a pot luck dinner that had lots of food like Kare Kare, Adobo, Inihaw na Bagus at Manok, Lumpia Shanghai, Enseladang Mangga and a whole lot more.  We also had some cakes, sweets, chips, drinks and sodas.  All in all, we are 16 persons including the kids for this trip.

It’s a Full House

Picture Speaks Louder Than Words

Doing the Gangnam Style



Bike Training

Movie Marathon


Pole Dancing?

Family Time

Family Picture

With Christmas and Halloween fast approaching, we used the time as well to plan the remaining vacations til Christmas.  So far, we’re planning a weekend in Clark, a Swing in Singapore with the Seniors and Of course, Christmas and New Year.  It was nice to take the weekend off and spend it with the family.  It’s also nice to enjoy the facilities again of San Fab Vacation House.  We wrapped up the vacation with a lunch at Matutina’s in Urdaneta and went back to Manila and tagging our cousin Simon and wife along who spent several days in Manila.  That ends a very tiring (due to the long drives) weekend but as always was well worth it.

  Let’s just say, this one’s gonna make a splash. =>

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