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Salomon Speed Cross 3 Unleashes the Speed on the Trails

Posted by on 15. June 2016

Blitzing the Casile Trails at San Mateo, Rizal with Salomon Speed Cross 3 – Photo by Del Villanueva

When it comes to trail shoes, Salomon is among the top brands.  I got to see that first hand when I got a Salomon Speed Cross 3 a few months ago.  Speed Cross lets you focus on the run with its supreme traction and adds comfort to your run with the Ortholite support. #TrailLove

Salomon Speed Cross 3

I won this pair at the Salomon Xtrail Launch.

I’ve been using Salomon Speed Cross 3 since mid April.  That’s over a hundred kilometers and about 6,000 meters of elevation gain.  It’s been a trail-centric summer so I was able to log a lot of trail time this year.  I actually won the shoe at the Salomon Xtrail launch and it was just in time for my summer trail activities.  I was able to test it in so many conditions already from the rocky roads of Casile, the unli-uphills of Camp John Hay Yellow Trails, the uneven dirt roads of Timberland, the limestone formations of Tangadan Falls in La Union, the technical climbs of Mount Sembrano and the vertical kilometers of Dalupirip, Itogon.

Enjoying the river trails at Dalupirip, Itogon, Benguet

Let’s start with the first thing I look for in a trail shoes and that’s traction.  It has large lugs on its outsole designed to give you maximum grip across all terrains.  Speed cross has ultimate grip in all conditions. When you have a grip that reliable, you won’t hesitate to breeze the descents. You’ll have the comfort of keeping up on the climbs even on technical trails.  One of the reason that it’s a speed shoes is that you can focus on the run since you are comfortable with the traction of your shoes.  Unlike the road, trail conditions vary and can become unpredictable.

Getting lost on the way to Tangadan Falls in La Union

The unpredictability of the trail is what makes it really exciting and challenging at the same time.  I don’t usually run long steep stretches but I gained more confidence running downhill with the reliable grip of the shoes.  I can focus my efforts on the climb even on technical trails since I have good traction on varying surface.

Getting ready to finish the race at Timberland – Photo by Jose Ramizares

Then let’s talk about comfort.  Salomon Speed Cross uses an ortholite foam as part of its insole.  I’m a fan of ortholite even on regular shoes.  It makes each step softer and more cushioned.  Trail runs are usually much longer though you barely would notice the time because of the scenic landscape.  What you’ll notice though is the drag of the numerous foot-strike you make in the trail.  Ortholite cushioning gives you a softer landing, minimizing the impact on the heels and the knee.  This makes you last longer on the trails, reducing muscle fatigue and discomfort.

Enjoying the wonderful view at Tenidi Hill at Bantik, Itogon, Benguet

I also like the quick lace and the lace pocket that comes in each Salomon shoes.  Lacing can really be critical on trails or even on runs. Loose laces can mean tripping or spraining your ankle.  Having your shoes securely laced can mean that you can go on the run without worrying about too much about tripping, over pronation or spraining your ankle especially on uneven surfaces. It holds the shoes securely in place to add a more balanced landing.

Enjoying the Rivers of Inigan, San Mateo, Rizal

River crossing is common in a lot of trails in the Philippines. Water entering shoes can at time cause blisters.  The good part about the speed cross that it’s water resistant and not water proof.  The difference is having a water-resistant shoe is that it limits water coming in but can also serve as a vent for water going out.  The problem with water proof shoes is that when water comes in, it stays in the shoes.  So, it’s a good shoes for river crossing. I usually am not worried with river crossings since the tropical climate has its way of drying your shoes quick. The mesh type material surrounding the shoes minimizes the debris entering the shoes avoiding irritations. The textile is also breathable, which allows some ventilation for the feet while wearing the shoes.

Enjoying the views at Mount Sembrano at Pililia, Rizal

When it comes to weight, it’s a bit on the heavy side at around 12 ounces. Some race shoes can go below 9 ounces.  It’s not a minimalist shoe but you have to bear the extra weight if you’d want more comfort. That added weight comes with the added cushion and foot bed that can reduce impact of each foot stride and give you a more secure landing.  It doesn’t feel heavy though with its compact design.  It’s not the fastest shoes on the road but you’ll make up for it for sure on those suicide descents you can breeze through or the steep inclines which you can ascend with more consistency since you have enough grip to keep you stable.

At my regular play ground, Yellow Trails, Camp John Hay.

The thing with trail shoes is that any trail shoes could work on most surfaces but if you want the level of comfort and confidence to blitz a trail, Salomon Speed Cross 3 is an excellent choice.  The all-around grip can really give you an advantage on technical and even wet trail conditions.  It’s a perfect shoes for the longer distance trails since the ortholite support can make each step a lot more cushioned and safer, reducing wear and tear.  Of course, with more cushion and comfort comes a little bit more weight, which you’d barely notice on the run.  Salomon Speed Cross 3 will definitely bring #TrailLove to each of your trail adventures.

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