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Running WIth Maxxed Flight 101

Posted by on 8. April 2015

Maxxed Flight 101 Comes in Cool Flashy Colors

I’m always amazed by the technology now in place with the different running shoes. There are different shoes that’s fit you perfectly and some where you learn to adopt in time.  Maxxed Flight 101 uses heel blades to absorb impact when you stride and propels your next stride like a spring.  Maxxed is designed for the longer run with the reduce impacts on your stride minimizing the wear and tear in your legs while giving you added speed. The Maxxed Flight 101 is available at Sportshouse Branches Nationwide.

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Maxxed Flight 101

The Maxxed Flight 101 Up Close

It has a different unorthodox look, that’s my first impression of the Maxxed Flight 101.  I try to dissect the technology of the Shoes based on its look, materials and construction.  One it’s more obvious feature is the heel blades.  So what does the heel blades do?  Most runners land on their heel or their midfoot.  The blade would generate a spring-like feel when you land and propels your next stride.  It’s also an added cushioning when you land since the blades takes in the impact and saves your shin, ankle and knees some wear and tear in running.  The front part of the sole has premium rubbers and those rubbers are there for you to have a better grip of the surface preventing you from skidding and gives you a better feel of the road.  The body of the Maxxed Flight 101 is built with breathable mesh and cushion pads.  The breathable mesh lets you foot cool down while running and is soft enough to prevent blister or unnecessary friction to the skin.  The cushion pads not only supports the foot, it also makes the shoes wearable and comfortable with or without socks.  Of course, the more obvious feature of the shoe is that it comes in flashy colors that really stands out.


It’s now time to test run the shoes. With a different look and a different technology, I am not sure how my feet would react to the Maxxed Flight 101.  Before using it on actual run, I used it several times walking just for my feet to be familiar with the technology.  It was soft on the feet and felt comfortable though the blades sometimes has a squeaking sound coming from the blades rubbing against each other.  It’s always best to walk with your shoes before running as it helps your feet be familiar with the shoes.  When I tested it for a run, I was surprised at how comfortable the shoe was.  The long run felt short since I had less fatigue coming from less impact on the strides. The heel blades were taking much of the impact and this time, the squeaky sound was not prominent.  I guess this shoes is made for running and not walking.  You tend to land midfoot when you run, which reduces friction on the heel blades.    I usually suffer from shin splints when using a new shoes until I get used to it but with the softer landing of the Maxxed, I didn’t worry about shin splints, cramps or even ankle pains during the run.

Sorry for the grainy photo as I usually train at night.

I was also able to run faster with the spring like feel while running.  It also helps that the shoes is made up of breathable mesh as it helps the feet cool down especially now that it’s always humid because of Summer months.  The premium rubbers at the forefoot also gives you a better traction with the surface preventing you from slipping and giving you a better feel of the surface for added stability in your strides.  The Maxxed Flight 101 is not a lightweight shoes but what it exceeds in weight, it makes up for cushioning and a spring-like feel that propels you to run and run faster.   This one is designed for the longer runs.

Maxxed Flight 101 gives that stride the spring-like push.

It may look unorthodox for a running shoes but it gets the job done. It can be perfect for any distance whether short or long though walkers do have to contend with the squeaky sound.  It’s currently priced at P6,999, which is quite pricey but they are offering huge discounts at the moment for people to get the chance of try out the Maxxed Flight 101.  The Maxxed Flight 101 is available at Sportshouse Branches.

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