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Run Smarter with Milestone Pod

Posted by on 25. May 2017

I’m a numbers guy.  It really helps when you get to see metrics and numbers and see how you progress through time.  MilestonePod gives you a waterproof foot pod that keeps track of your running metrics and gives you insights to improve your run. #MakeAnyShoeSmart #MilestonePod #MilestoneSportsPH 

Milestone Pod

Once you get the hang of running, you learn that there’s so many things to consider to progress in the sports.  You can increased your cadence.  You can lengthen your stride length.  You can go for higher legs swing.  These are just the few things you improve for better pace and be able to run more efficiently.  Well, you don’t have to dwell on the number, you just have to get the right device to monitor your runs.  Hello MilestonePod!!!

Milestone pod can be synced to your phone to give you all the metrics on your run.

Milestone pod can be synced to your phone to give you all the metrics on your run.

Milestone Sports Philippines officially launches the much awaited MilestonePod; an affordable waterproof foot pod with extensive battery life that improves your performance and keeps you running healthy. In a day and age where one has to pay a premium to own a decent performance tracker, the MilestonePod is certainly a breath of fresh air.  It’s more affordable than a running watch, priced at P1,695.  The Milestone Pod can work with bluetooth GPS watches or work on its own and it measures practically everything.

Tested it on a trail run in Bacolod and yes, it’s waterproof.

The MilestonePod measures foot strike, rate of impact, ground contact, leg swing and stride length which transcends what most GPS watches can cover. The MilestonePod is also as user-friendly as it is pocket-friendly. Not only does it record more than 10 different metrics, but it simplifies and summarizes all the data for you as well. Think of it as taking all the raw data recorded on standard running watches and being able to read it in the form of a children’s book. Simple, straightforward and animated!

Measures practically everything.

Measures practically everything.

“These little bits of information are what will bring every runner’s game up a notch. Given the many advancements in footwear, there’s still so much about ourselves that shoes alone cannot provide.” said Hitler Dulay of Milestone Sports Philippines at the Pod Powered event at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café. “Clipping the pod onto any shoe instantly awards the shoe with a brain of its own.” he added.

Going Beyond Pace

So how does the pod fare with the experts? The MilestonePod is actually backed up by highly acclaimed athletes in different sports.

  • Coach and Triathlete Don Velasco, has included the pod with his many tools in his famous run lab – of which has produced many podium finishers in recent local races.
  • Milestone Sports Ultrarunner Rose Betonio is also an avid user of the pod. She was amazed by the accuracy and quality of information the pod was able to give as she finished 2nd female overall at the Monster Ultra 200 in Singapore last May 1, 2017.

The MilestonePod is also amazingly well-matched with different platforms already being used by runners. It’s compatible with select Polar, Suunto and Garmin units. Furthermore, the pod is usable through popular and interactive running apps like Zwift and Strava. Many upgrades like these are said to be on its way making things more exciting for the growing number of ‘Pod Heads’ around the world.

This little running buddy is a must-have in every runner’s arsenal. It can guide a beginner to start running with proper form, or help a seasoned runner breakthrough from a plateau. If you’re looking for a low-cost, informative and durable performance tracker, this pod is the perfect fit for you. With the MilestonePod, less is definitely more.

Available at Maximus Athlete’s Shop Café, Flying Don V Coaching, Multisport Hub and SwimBikeRun.PH.

MilestonePod and Me

Milestone Pod and my On Cloud Flow

Milestone Pod and my On Cloud Flow

I’ve been using the Milestone Pod since January this year.  I’ve paired it with my Brooks Mazama on trails and On Cloud Flow on the Road.  The first test was on the trails. While trails can be an anything goes adventure, it’s also nice your metrics on the climbs, on flat grounds and on descent.  Trails may not be rhythmic as road runs but seeing the metrics can really help you improve on the aspects of your run.  You can now be more conscious on how cadence, stride length, foot strikes is on different surfaces and let’s you know what aspects to work on.

MilestonePod gives you a better appreciation of your shoes.

MilestonePod gives you a better appreciation of your shoes.

I got a better appreciation of MilestonePod when I paired it with my On Cloud Flow.  Road running is more of a rhythmic activity so you get a better idea on the cadence, stride length, leg swings and a lot more.  I like that it also measures the life of your shoes.  Having the MilestonePod reminded me of those days when I was chasing my first sub1 10K.  We used to do drills to improve our cadence, stride length and leg swing.  With each drill and consistent training, I got improvements in my pace until I eventually hit my goal.

Set your goal and hit your mark.

Set your goal and hit your mark.

Milestone Pod has an insight function that lets you focus on a goal and the Pod helps you monitor it.  When chasing a sub 1 10K or setting a new PR, these metrics do matter.  Sometimes just being a bit conscious on your stride, proper impact and cadence can really speed up your run.  There are also several ways to improve your cadence like doing speed sets, cross training on bike and a lot more.

MilestonePod also helps you avoid injury.  Rate of impact is a sign that your are landing too hard and might be more conscious on your landings or maybe even to change to a more cushioned shoes.  I’m having a higher rate of impact now since I don’t run as frequently as I used to. In other words, I’m back to my old habits.  The longer you run, the more you get muscle memory and the better you run.  I need to wok on that.

I also have a more conservative approach when I run so I am having a lower leg swing.  Higher leg swing generates more power and longer stride lengths, which can save you more energy and run more efficiently.  We used to do butt kicks and high knees to improve on the stride length and the leg swings.  The key is to be more consistent on the drills, monitor it with the pod and in no time, you are running more efficiently.

There are also graphs for each metric to help you observe your run patters.  I tend to do a more efficient run walk set so you can easily see the cadence fluctuate between run and walk sets.  There are so many reasons to love the MilestonePod and you can actually do away with the watches and run by feel and it measures the following:

  • Pace
  • Distance
  • Duration
  • Foot strike
  • Rate of impact
  • Leg swing
  • Ground contact
  • Cadence
  • Stride Length
  • Runficiency Score
  • Shoe Odometer

It measures your laps and gives you an insight on how you perform over time.  The key is to have an even effort or even go for those negative splits.  MilestonePod gives you a better appreciation on your runs and would really be a good investment especially when you are starting your running careers or even just chasing new goals.  Numbers matter and it’s by measuring your performance that you learn how to progress. Run Smarter with MilestonePod.

Contact MilestonePod Philippines

  • Milestone Sports Philippines
  • Mobile Numbers: +639224647489, +639178846426
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  • FB:  MilestoneSportsPhilippines
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