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Rough Patches

Posted by on 27. February 2010

One sure thing in life is that there will be some rough patches that will come along the way. Rough patches when left unattended leads to deeper holes. I spent the most part of it stuck on a rough patch and I’m glad it ended in a different light at how it began. I guess the rough patches we face today smoothens up the road of tomorrow. There will always be the part where we have to sort things out and come up with a compromise. I’d like to think I’m tougher than I am perceived.

Speaking of toughening up, I’m quite thrilled to have some boxing sessions in my list of to dos. 2 sessions into the sport and I’m really enjoying it. Punching the bag is such a stress reliever and could be good in loosing weight and toning the body. Will have more sessions in the weeks to come. The good part about it is that it’s just a few stone throw from the office. I hope I don’t get lazy again on this new routine.

9 days before my birthday and I’m looking at it in a different light. I’m a lot happier now and even if I hadn’t plan anything to celebrate, I still look forward to my birthday. This time I’m not that stressed coming to the date. Well, I consider my birthday my favorite day since it’s a day I call mine. Oh yes, it turn me a year older. I’m not looking forward to that part though but who cares, age is just a state of mind (or so I wish).

Gifts!!! Ehem… Ehem… Just kidding. I’m used to not receiving much on this day but it gives me a welcome excuse to splurge and spend more but that’s the good part of having no expectations, any surprises is a welcome treat. I really need to make up my mind on how to time the celebrations or if I’ll ever have one. Wait and see…

And of the wait and see I am now drawn to is the possibility of moving offices to a larger location just a few minutes away from my apartment. I’m not really attracted on the near home but more on the fact that it’s a better location and I couldn’t wait to pick my room once we do move on to this direction. For now, I just hope that the Financials is out this week.

I’m set to get my new passport and I’m sure there are several travel alternatives in line. I’m off to Taipei in a few weeks and Singapore next month. I’m now having second thoughts on Europe on account of my stingy side overpowering my choices. Australia is another escape but even if I have enough free miles to book a trip, I’m still thinking if there’s more to see after being down under less than two years ago. Think… Think… Think…

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