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Possibilities are Endless

Posted by on 19. January 2011

The year has taken off at a rocket pace and amidst the business trips, the longer runs, the torturous training, the muscle pains, the athletic massage, the races, the yearend problem solving, never-ending meetings, secret missions, issues management, funding activities, plant visits, get-together and the stress that comes with a busy schedule, I have rarely been able to visit or update this pages. It may be a good thing. More time on letting events unfold and less time synthesizing them. What a busy life!!!

I’m tired and worn-out but I’m loving it. I’m 2 minutes of my sub 60 goal and was able to run my longest run at 15K yesterday. I’ve gone a long way from someone who struggled at completing a 5K run. Training has really paid off and it was worth all the time and effort put into it and you get a leaner frame and a healthier physique as a bonus. It’s nice to do well in a different arena. Now, I’m thinking of going for another 3-month program though I still have to think of a new goal and I might as well give my muscles some time to recover after the major runs. One thing for sure, I’d still be lacing my running shoes and hitting the roads. Possibilities are endless.

Odds has never been fair at this time of year but I won’t let the odds keep me from pursuing what I am meant to do and accomplish. No matter how much it piles up what matters is that at the end of the day those odds are surpassed and a new day begins. It’s been a series of hits and misses. You get a productive meeting in Taipei to come back and face several system problems and report delays. Oh well, you can’t win all the battles but problems are meant to be solved. It will just take more hard work to reach a resolution.

I always say that things are getting to get tougher and almost always it holds true. I guess it’s just that we all move on to the next level and that’s what next levels are for to give you new challenges that are far harder to surpass. While there are limitations at what we can do, we’ll never know them unless we give it a big hard try. Honestly, I don’t how each day would unfold or some riddles would unravel but somehow they always do. However things turn out the only regret we’ll have are those born out of the choices we don’t own up to. I personally don’t want to live in regrets. Sure there may be some significant swings or endings that I hope would have turned out differently but I’ll take what I can get and no matter how many times I’ll turn back time, I’ll let all those cycle run its course knowing that the variable item in this equation is the future we have yet to write. And as I said earlier, possibilities are endless.

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