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Out of Sync… Out of my Mind…

Posted by on 18. October 2010

Out of Sync... That’s how I started my day with the odds once again being stacked against me and the problems seemingly endless. I guess some people are paid big bucks just to make my life miserable. How exciting can that be??? I’m really low on motivation and energy when it comes to work. That’s the problem when you are so passionate with what you do when you lose track, it takes so much to be back in sync.

Which riddle will make sense in the end. Just a few weeks going to the board meeting and several holidays in between. That’s a ticking clock buzzing every now and then. I always had the thought that one day my luck will run out and there’ll be some problems that I won’t solve and seven years after I’m still able to get past whatever came. The charm of working with what you got is that you never really ran short of resources.

So where does that leave me… I hate to admit it but a part of me is stuck in the past and another part is overwhelmed with the present so that leaves the future to hand of uncertainty. I’d take that on the thought that the biggest blessing that comes in are those that we never expected. One thing I know right now is that I have a welcome diversion and takes a lot of my free time but the effects have been great.

I’m on the 3rd week of my running training and I’ve been logging kilometers non-stop. Thanks to GPS technology that comes with my iPhone, I’m able to trace the route and monitor the distance via the GPS. How to balance things out and how to fit the tight training routine is something I get to deal with day by day. Sometimes, even when the time is free, I’d also have the weather to worry about but so far, except for missing 3K yesterday, I’ve been able to stick to the training schedule.

The results, I’m probably still running just slightly better but the main difference is that I’m not struggling in finishing the run. I know if I do the training right I can run faster and more relaxed and a lot trimmer. The first challenge is this weekend, to complete my first 10K run. 10K for my 10th race. Now I’m really excited but that would be after several additional white hairs and additional wrinkles trying to solve the key items I have to deal with this week.

Oh well, I hope I was a billionaire… Oh that’s just me with an LSS. I wanna be a billionaire, so fxxkin’ bad… Haha… But that thought would definitely drive me Out of my mind…

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