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One-Of-A-Kind Active Fitness Retreat in Balesin

Posted by on 8. April 2019

It was definitely a One-Of-A-Kind experience being back in Balesin with a packed Active Fitness Retreat and a chance to explore the Island once again.

The City Club

At the City Club

Cancelled flight and that’s the major curve ball for this trip. Yes, and that’s just as we were so excited to have fun in the sun in the island. We heard this news not once but twice during the day. We had to wait another day to get to our flights to Balesin. Sometimes, those curve balls get to become blessing in disguise. For one, it broke the ice for the group giving a chance to bond before hitting the island and next, we got to enjoy a night at the City Club. For this trip alone, we got he chance to enjoy not only Balesin but also got to enjoy the City Club.

Dinner at Hai Shin Lou

From Lounging in the pool in the afternoon to ending up throwing nostalgic stories at dinner, we’ve gone a long way from the group of strangers in the morning. The City Club is packed with facilities like a gym, a pool, spa and Aegle Wellness Center. We had a tour on the different rooms in the afternoon and got to experience viewing the cityscape as we had our own rooms to await our flight the next day.

Balesin Island Club

Skyjet Plane to Balesin

We had our flight at 10 am the next day but had to wait out ’til noon for our turn at the run-way. Balesin chartered a Skyjet plane just for us. With a more intact group, we barely noticed that we had to wait about an hour for our take off. The flight was a breeze and we were in Balesin in 15- 20 minutes.

Finally, Balesin!

Hello Balesin (with Justine of Color Manila)!

Lunch welcomed us at the Clubhouse. We immediately took some time to shoot around the clubhouse area before going to our Villa. I was assigned at Bali 25 with Kenn of Mindful Movement Asia Pilates Studio. Coincidentally, I also had Bali 25 as my room last year. We had an hour to spare before the next work out so we took a quick ride to Aegle Wellness Center at the Greek Inspired, Mykonos for Thalassotheraphy. Thalassotherapy is a salt water based treatment for healing, detoxification, relaxation, rejuvenation and a lot more.

I started with the Hydrotherapy pool, which was warm and soothing before enjoying the more scenic Thalassotherapy outdoor overlooking the ocean. I ended up with the essential oils infused treatments at the top deck, which can focus on specific concerns for balance, relaxation, energy and a lot more.

Active Fitness Retreat

The Active Fitness retreat started with a run camp by Active Health Athletes and Ironman Finishers Coaches Ani and Coach Dan Brown. They started with basic drills and a short run to highlight the different running techniques. It was a short but comprehensive clinic and was really helpful for runners like me.

Photo by Bernard Tugade

The clinic was followed by an intimate cool down Yoga by Tri-Factor Ambassador Elle Ada. It was a perfect complement after the more dynamic run clinic as it helped the participants cool down.

Post Yoga – Photo by Bernard Tugade

After Yoga, it was time for Dinner. We had a chance to enjoy the Spanish-themed Costa del Sol. One of the beauty of Balesin is you get to enjoy the best meals from around the world and we got to enjoy our Paellas and other Spanish dish before calling it a day.

Costa Del Sol – Photo by Bernard Tugade

Exploring the Island


I started the day early with a short run around the Island. I started at Bali and headed to the clubhouse area and moving further to the road heading to Phuket past the run-way before heading back. I passed by the Aviary and the Regency on my way back to Bali to cap of the run before breakfast. Even though it’s a packed itinerary, I enjoy these short runs around the island as it gives me a more detailed tour of the Island. I hope to explore their trails the next time.

Pound Fitness

Pound – Photo by Bernard Tugade

After another soothing breakfast at the Clubhouse, Pound Fitness workout led by Fitness Advocate Marge Camacho was up next. Pound is a full-body cardio session following the beat of the music mimicking the beating of the drums. It was a really fun session with Marge and that’s coming from an uncoordinated, nonrhythmic person like me. We had a few shoots after and headed for lunch at Phuket.

Lunch at Phuket

Lunch at Phuket

If there was a common theme at lunch aside from our sumptuous Thai-based meal, it was passionate people. It was really nice to be with passionate people like Justine of Color Manila, Bea Tan of Ateneo Beach Volleyball, Tin Majadillas of One-of-a-kind Marketing. Pursuing your passion is at times a thankless undertaking but it’s one that warms the heart and gratifies the soul. After enriching the body, it was nice to enrich the mind and part of our lunch was a talk with Doc Jason Penaranda of Aegle Wellness Center. Aside from highlighting the different treatments of Aegle, he got to share same insights on stress management. His talk was followed by fitness assessment and Thalassotheraphy at Aegle Wellness Center.

Around the World in an Hour

Enjoying the French Riviera at St. Tropez

I was able to squeeze in a tour around the island with Lyn. You get to a taste of a little bit of everything around the world like the tropical beach hot spots of Phuket and Bali, the laid back feel of Tuscany with the Italian inspired Toscana, the colorful french riviera in St. Tropez, the coastal feel of Southern Spain in Costa del Sol and the Greek architecture of Mykonos.


It was nice to get a feel of the wonderful spots in the world and as of now, my favorites are the colorful theme of St. Tropez, the laid back feel of Toscana and the sheer beauty of blue and white of Mykonos. After the tour, I was able to catch up at Aegle Wellness Center and had another round of Thalassotherapy before heading to the next event.

Core Workout with Mark Streigl

Core Workout with Mark Streigl

When it comes to Core Workouts, URCC Champion and MMA Superstar Mark Streigl can really give you a short and effective workouts he learned from his trainings and mastery of weight management for his fights. Mark led the participants to a circuit of core exercises that’s short enough to be integrated on your daily routine but effective enough to make you a lot fitter.

Beach Volleyball with Bea Tan

Beach Volleyball with Bea Tan

Beach Volleyball player Bea Tan led the group with a series of volleyball drills and also an entertaining game of beach volleyball. It was Boys vs Girls, which was a tightly contested match giving the Boys with a slim win over the girls. Everybody enjoyed the game including the crowd (me included) to cap of the fitness part of the Active Fitness retreat.

Dinner at Toscano


If I had to name a place which is my favorite in terms of food, it would be Toscano. I enjoyed the brick oven pizza with pasta and fine wine. Since it was our last night in the island, we had another bottle of fine wine with Justine, Lyn, Mel and Bernard before calling it a night.

Leaving Balesin

Beach Time

If I had a regret the last time I was in the island, it was that I wasn’t able to take a plunge into the beach. I had my time of solitude in Balesin Sala beach area and this was probably the best part for me. Being alone on the beach even just for a few minutes just gave me the pause I needed to think, appreciate and be thankful that no matter how busy or stressful I get, I am blessed in so many ways. I’m glad to enjoy the sea this time.

St. Tropez

We had one last delay before leaving the island so we an added time to take an extra tour around the island before leaving by early afternoon.

That’s all folks.

Active Fitness Retreat was a fusion of the shared vision of ActiveHealth, One-Of-A-Kind Marketing and Balesin Island Club. The summer fun does not stop there as Balesin would have a Summer Sports Camp from April 1 to June 28, 2019 with Basketball, Tennis, Baseball and Soccer Camps as the key sports for the camp. Visit https://www.balesinsportscamps.com/ for more details.       

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