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On Cloud X is the Ultimate Fitness Shoes

Posted by on 7. December 2017

On Running Cloud X is the ultimate fitness shoes that’s handy on the gym and the technology to keep you running on cushy cloud feel on the road.  Running gets remixed by Cloud X with its versatility and its flashy and fashionable look.

On Cloud X

With Cai and Nica at On Cloud X Launch at Avant Garde Crossfit

With Cai and Nica at On Cloud X Launch at Avant Garde Crossfit

The tide of fitness is evolving.  It used to be running at the center of it all and the other fitness activities supporting the lifestyle.  The growth spurred the development of running specific products to better suit the needs of the runners.  On Running Shoes is equipped with the cloudtec technology that uses cloud pods as an added cushioning and at the same time an extra push for the next stride.  It’s one of the more efficient shoes when it comes to running with the cloud pods reducing the impact of each foot strike.  Fitness is now back at the top with more people hitting the gym, doing crossfits, strength based exercise and a lot more while running remains an alternative workout options.  Running remixed, that’s how things are now.

Running Remixed

On Cloud X Launch

On Cloud X Launch

Running isn’t not just about putting out foot after the other now.  It’s also important to keep the whole body in good shape to make running a lot more comfortable. On Running shoes introduces the Cloud X.  Running doesn’t stop on the road.  It also involves time in the gym or other fitness activity to keep that core firm, the muscles in tip top shape, the body flexible and a lot more.  Cloud X is the ultimate fitness shoes as it not only performs well on the road but at the gym as well. We got the chance to try out the latest Cloud X last December 2, 2017 at Avant Garde Crossfit with a mix of runs and cross fit exercise.

We had to do several sets of 800 meter run, 40 pull ups and 70 push ups.  What have I gotten myself into?  After a few warm ups, we were all set to go for the first part which is the run.  My legs are really choosy when it comes to running shoes.  It usually takes me a few runs and a lot of muscle pains before I can finally adjust to the shoes.  For this one, CLoud X didn’t need a break in period for my legs as it felt smooth on the run.  It helps that it’s a cross between the Cloud and the Cloud Flow, which I’ve been using running ever since.

It’s a lightweight shoes at just 8 oz and its fully cushioned with the cloud pods.   Since I haven’t really been running, I’d let it go if I’d have a short bout of shin splints while warming up but no, it felt smooth running on clouds.  It’s one of the rare shoes where I didn’t need a break in period.  Running the 800 meters felt like a breeze with Cloud X.

The pull ups and the push ups were a struggle for me since I rarely do core workouts but I’m a trooper so I survive this phase and went on with the second sets.  The thing with core and run workouts is that it brings fatigue in when you run, which simulates the latter part of a long run.  Despite the fatigue coming from the core workouts, it still felt smooth running with Cloud X with the added bounce from the cloud pods.  It was a quick work out but it was a good one with the mix of runs and core activities.

Cooling Down

While most running shoes works efficiently on a forward motion, Cloud X also supports multi-directional support common to most gym or cross-fit work outs. It has a heel cap that keeps the shoes steady when you move.  It’s light and breathable that keeps the foot refreshed and comfortable.  The soft cloud pods not only is comfortable when you run but is an added cushion when you do jumping exercise.  Of course, it’s flashy and would definitely stand out at the gym or at the road with their fashion friendly designs and cool color.

On Cloud X is the ultimate fitness shoes, whether you’re on the road or on the gym.  It brings the running on cloud experience in all your workout giving you efficiency, comfort and support.  It does keep you working out harder, farther and longer.

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