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Nowhere’s Ultimate Conversation

Posted by on 2. October 2012

Deranged (?): “Super Fallusion?
I hope you can answer my question?
What is it that life really means?
This question have dazed me ever since?”

Super Fallusion: “Deranged (?), the answer is simple,
It’s fulfilling your dreams and aspirations,
It’s being a hero, big or little.
Unlike me, broken by my anticipation.”

Nowhere Man: “Shut up, Fallusion!
You’re answer’s a hallucination.
I’m the king of illusion,
What I say is life’s definition.”

Morose: “Pardon me your highness,
Life is just a gloomy waste.
It’s carrying others problem,
That would make life light for them.”

Deranged (?): “What a hassle?
Your answers have baffled me?
What life is to me?
Is a jigsaw puzzle?”

Nowhere Man: “No, Deranged (?),
Life may not be that strange.
It is just being the greatest,
It is just being the best.”

Morose: “Life’s a big obstacle,
An obstacle that makes me sad.
Problems I have to tackle.
Solutions I never had.”

Super Fallusion: “Not really, life’s a ruined dream,
Where really you cannot win.
I dream of being a hero,
But up to now, I’m a big zero.”

Narrator: ” The land of Nowhere,
Is not a land of answers.
The question on life’s purpose,
Is a mystery only you can unravel.”

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