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Now Serving: Food Truck Park

Posted by on 15. September 2013

” A fresh outdoor environment with a crescent moon and the stars as the backdrop and freshly prepared gourmet dishes coming from different food trucks with live music to guide your appetite welcomed us at Capitol Commons .”

That could be a good way to cap your work night or your weekend too. The Food Truck Park is in Capitol Commons, located just in the heart of Pasig City, starting September 13, 2013 to cater to foodies, young professionals, students and families in search for a unique dining experience and savory delight.

Choose from a variety of food truck the provides a unique treat for our taste buds.

The Food Truck Park in Capitol Commons will allow diners to experience the new trend of mobile food catering and enjoy unique food offerings from the Philippine Food Truck Association. The culinary adventure includes fusion comfort food from Hungry Rover, kebabs and wraps from Shawarma Bros., homemade burgers from Big Bite Avenue, and unique gelato flavors from Mio Gelati, among others.  The Food Truck Park will be available starting September 13 at the Capitol Commons Park. Capitol Commons is located at Meralco Avenue corner Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City.

Picnic Perfect Capitol Commons Ambiance.

Foodie the 13th

I came early for this one to enjoy more of the trucks and also space my intake so I won’t feel bloated.  My first impression of Capitol Commons was it was a perfect place to run as it has wide sidewalk, low traffic and a refreshing view.  Yes, I’m in a food event and the first thing I think about is how ideal the place is for a run. Oh well, let’s get started with this culinary adventure.

Starting things light with Pizza in a Cone and a Bite Size Bacon Cheese Burger.

I took the all meat for the Pizza in a cone (Amazing Cones) and the cheese was a perfect complement to the meaty taste of the Pizza.  The Bacon Cheese Burger (Great Burger Truck) was really tasty and their fries is far apart the usual fastfood fries as it’s cut and cooked just right and finely salted.

Shawarma and Honey Pork Asado with Rice

Next in line was Beef Shawarma (Shawarma Bros) which was also a treat for the taste buds and my first rice meal which is Honey Pork Asado with Rice (Ser Chef Lechon) which had the sweet taste of honey adding flavoring to pork asado.

Hungry Rover: My new favorite place for Tapa.

Hungry Rover was the only food truck with seats inside the truck and I had Angus Beef Tapa with well done sunny side up and rice.  Let’s just say, I love their Tapa and I now have a higher benchmark on how a tapa should taste like.

Live Music for Everyone

At that point, I think I am full so I proceeded for dessert at Mio Gelati with their fresh gelato flavors.  This was the perfect way to end my eating spree.  Everything I ate here was really a culinary delight.

A large chunk of the night was spent interacting with media and the owner of Hungry Rover Romeo Nacpil Jr. on the food truck business.  It’s a relatively new business but is starting to gain a following.  It’s also nice to see that each of the food trucks complements each other instead of compete against each other.  The food trucks can also be an excellent additions to events.  Another important ingredient I saw was the passion of the owners in offering a unique food experience to their customers and I’m sure the food truck business would be a success at Capitol Commons and would also make their way in other areas too.

The Food trucks would be in Capitol Commons on September so get treated to refreshing environment and great foods at the Food Truck Park.  For more information, call 401.3332, or visit the Capitol Commons Facebook page and the Food Truck Park Facebook page for schedules. Make it trend by using the hashtag #foodtruckparkph

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