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Now Listening: Elecom Headset

Posted by on 6. June 2014

Elecom Headset

What do you look for an headphone? I got one that has crisp sounds, sleek look, soft on the ear and comes in really stylish colors in Eleceom EHP- OM200 Overhead Stereo Headphones.

Elecom Headphones

I got this surprise on my desk.

I got an Elecom EHP – OM200 Overhead Stereo headphone and was able to check on its features.  With a a pure white color, Elecom stands out from other similar headsets.  It is also adjustable to comfortably fit in your head.  When it comes to comfort, it has a soft an cushioned ear case that pampers the ear and gives it some space for the audio to flow into it.  The headband is constructed of stainless steel encased in rubber tubing for a gentle fit.  The headphone uses lightweight materials so it does not feel heavy on the head.  This is what you get to feel once you try it out.

Me trying out Elecom

Whenever I work or even when I am at home, I always like to multi-task.  It’s either I’m watching my favorite series / movies on a smaller screen or listening to music while I’m working on my main chore.  Somehow, it’s what keeps me focused on what I have to do.  So having the Elecom headsets enables me to block the outside noise and let me have a better rhythm when I do my work.  The good thing about Elecom is that the audio is so crisp that it makes you feel that you are part of the scene when watching movies with it.  It makes you feel the beat of the music when listening to it.  I even brought my Elecom headphone to the bus on my way home to Baguio and I was able to watch movies in my laptop while passing time.  It made the long trip feel like a movie and music experience in high definitions sounds.

Elecom Headset

Another thing that I appreciate with the Elecom headset is that it has flattened wires that does not tangle.  That really helps a lot especially that my bag has several phone charges and laptop cords.   The flattened cords are also very durable and last longer than regular wired headsets.  I’m just so comfortable with the headset that it’s now always in my bag ready for use whether I’m at work, or at play or when traveling.  Elecom EHP-OHM 200 Overhead Stereo Headphone is really lightweight, slim, sleek, stylish and portable and can really be a perfect companion whether you’re at home or you’re on the go.

Life is full of colors.

It also comes in different pop colors that would match your personality.  It doesn’t just give you a dependable earphone but it also gives you a fashionable one that will be provide you with a great listening experience.  The Elecom EHP-OM200 is available for only P899 at Astrovision, MOA, Festival Mall and Glorietta 2 and at the Kiosk at Alabang Town Center in the new wing 2nd floor, near guess store.

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Facebook: Elecom Philippines
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About ElecomPH

“ELECOM has been leading the PC and AV accessory markets in Japan for years. ELECOM has a subsidiary in Europe, ednet GmbH, which makes ELECOM products available to a worldwide market, including Europe, Russia and the Middle East countries. ELECOM also has an expanding business in Asian countries through subsidiaries and sales partners.

Their commitment to the high level of end-user satisfaction results in their unique and wide range of products with a perfect combination of smart design and cutting-edge technology. “

For inquires email them at elecomphshop@gmail.com

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