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No Excuses

Posted by on 16. November 2010

I’m so enjoying that I get to have a day away from work today!!!

The yearend rush is fast approaching and I don’t get much of this away time. Come to think of it, I even go to work even at times when I feel sick. Work is a topic I need to give a real serious thought. Sometimes, I get to feel that my efforts are in vain and the rewards system is skewed towards the inefficient. The results are never fine when there is no established accountability. I just got to take pride that whatever I get, I did work hard for it and then when the time is right, I get to look forward to new beginnings.

I somehow feel that I’ve brought in hibernation mode with my so-busy schedule. I’ve been packing the kilometers non-stop and I’m already used to the training lifestyle. Waking up early for training has been an ease already. It’s good to be healthy and moving towards a goal though I’m taking such a long time chunking away minutes from my time. I’ve got a new running buddy though I’m still getting used to running on Garmin time. There are many excuses that can be thought of but when you’re training it does work to think that there are NO EXCUSES.

I’m ending hibernation mode towards the weekend meeting AGSB friends at Republiq for our so-early Christmas Party. It’s gonna be fun though I can’t stay that long nor drink that much as I’ll be in a race early the next day. It’s been ages since the last time the Group met so it’s gonna be legen-wait for it-dary. Party time in a few days.

Speaking of Christmas, it’s just a few waking up away and I still haven’t gotten the hang of the season. I do have a part of me that hates the yearend rush that goes along with the season. Whoever decided to put Christmas just a few days before yearend??? I guess even with the specter of a difficult year ender, there’ll still be a lot of looking forward to… party, friends, family, gifts. Wait, I don’t get gift that much though it gives me a reason to buy myself stuff. the perfect excuse to buy myself a Garmin. It’s the time of the year when you can pamper yourself without the guilt of feeling extravagant.

So that leaves me one question, “All I want for Christmas is…”

Excess Inkblogs: Oh Wait… I need to hit ADHD mode to be able to have the will to clean the mess called my room…

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