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My Second Home

Posted by on 17. June 2009

When I started working, I ended up staying in Makati, which is the business center in the Metro Manila. Aside from all being a financial hub, we also have luxury malls which has been a nice haven for weekends especially on warm weather.  One more thing, the malls are interconnected like Greenbelt can be easily accessible from Glorietta or SM Makati.  There’s also a lot of places to eat aside from malls. You have Ayala Triangle that can have a series of fine places to eat from and not to mention all the food places that is around available for the working class.  Then you can also go to a more isolated location, which is Rockwell where there are a lot of places.  Makati is a haven for shopping and eating.  It also houses the best malls.

Somehow, the key feature I like the place is it has two distinct identity.  A busy hub during weekdays and a slightly deserted city on weekends.  This is somehow how my personality is.  Loves to be where the action is but at the same time would want to retreat to an area of peace and Quiet.   It’s just a nice change of pace to break the busy day monotony that work brings.   The malls are just a few minutes drive away where you have nice restaurants, nice shops and all the walking room available shifting from one mall to another.

Fitness has also been a common event as you can have places where you can run.  I usually run along the multitudes of roads along Salcedo Village which gives you so many alternatives in completing your distance.  Ayala Triangle, Rockwell or nearby Fort is another haven for running.  This considering that there are fewer people on the road so the roads can be used for exercise like running, biking and other fun exercise.  There’s also community markets to enjoy on Saturdays if you’d want to do away with the monotony of eating in a mall.

I’m now occupying a studio apartment room beside my sisters studio room and it’s now my second home apart from my home town – Baguio.  I also loved staying in Makati, I feel a lot safer here with all the high-rise infrastructure and the smart working class parading in the streets with the latest get ups in the corporate world.  When celebration comes to this side of town, expect fireworks and a great big bang.  So make it happen, make it Makati.

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