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My First Blog

Posted by on 11. July 2005

Busy days are quite common in existing as a young urban professional and taking an enormous load in graduate school… Somehow, events comes out with its heartbeat stopping twist… and the plot thickens… deadlines come and still come and still come (hey… why don’t they go)…

I always believe that each person has a story to tell and a life to live… Each one being a hero in his own story with all the twist and turns that unravel as we wake up day by day… each having to face conflicts and roadblocks… each story having its ups and downs… each story climaxing to a certain ending… The ending we create by the choices we make…

Decisions are made each moment… decisions which may impact a lifetime… The odd part is that we don’t always come up with the right choices… Being able to react positively or negatively to this defines our character… Success is not based on who gets the most but rather on who is happiest with what he got…

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