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My Feel Good Blog

Posted by on 17. April 2010

After weeks of going over the happy or sad roulette, I can now say that I finally found some reasons to feel good. Along the way, I did lose a huge amount of my confidence from under appreciated times. Though I was still able to get past my daily chores, it was not at the level I wanted them to be and I do set a very high level for myself.

In the busy-ness of the week that came, I did rediscover my swagger. I was reminded how I was able to step up and be able to get those funds when nobody believed that I could do it. I love the role of the underdog. I’m such a spitfire, the deeper I’m pushed down, the harder I strike back. I enjoy playing devil’s advocate and be the independent mind that could keep some semblance of sanity and control. I’m a nice person in general but that doesn’t mean I’m numb. I do speak out my mind if needed to. Love me or hate me, that’s who I am.

I’m back and just in time to catch the rush for the annual general meeting. Looks like, I’ve booked myself some travel and fixing things in the weeks to come. And speaking of travel, on the question of To Europe or not to Europe, I’m leaning on not taking the trip as I would want to save it for another phase in this lifetime (Yes, even if I’m not ready to enter that phase now, I’m still not giving up on it). Might find my way back to the land down under but still awaiting developments on that.

I’m enjoying a new habit of Wine Outs (Dining out for Wines). Thanks Eunice for being such a wine buddy. I hope whoever said that a glass of wine a day is healthy is correct… If not… I’m screwed… Oh well, at least I get to enjoy some comforts of life. Lets think about consequences later. I need to have some semblance of irresponsibility at times.

I’ve been a little sleep deprived lately. Aside from the early morning rush to catch the ferry to Bataan as I’ve spent two days there this week, I’ve been trying to answer some questions in my mind but I’m now giving myself some leeway and more sleep with the thought that some answers we need to find, some answers will unfold at the right time for and some is not meant for us to unravel. I leave it at that.

I haven’t look forward to tomorrow lately as the future is a bit murky at the moment but I’ll just let tomorrow pull a surprise for me. At least, I’m moving to tomorrow on a more positive note and I guess, it’s important to feel good about yourself and the rest will follow.

Excess Inkblogs: One last item that needs an answer, should we still be strangers at this point of time?

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