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Posted by on 12. May 2012

Mothers are ANYWAY friends. 

An anyway friend is the one person in your life who, no matter what they say or do, no matter what they’ve been through with you, they love you anyway”

My mother dabbles around watching over our family business, cooperative and spend so much time at the church.  So if you’re wondering where I got my tendency to multi-task, it’s from my mother.  If I had spent just half a lifetime with my father, it was my mother who was the consistent presence.  Whenever I have friends around in Baguio, she used to tell embarrassing trivial things about me until I did get used to it and just say, that’s what mom’s are for.  She’s overly proud of me that you get to hear people mention how often I travel and various stuffs as said by my mother.  I guess that’s how moms are, they love to talk about their kids non-stop and they’ll always be there whether you’re on the top or bottom of the world.

Super is just one word that we associate moms.  I have aunts, friends, colleagues that are moms and in whatever walk of life they are in, there’s one thing constant, they are all proud of their kids. Each tiny steps and each new milestones are theirs to cherish.  I have so much respect to moms whether they work and dabble things at home or they go the full time mom routine because they choose to be a mother.  Motherhood is not only a choice but an instinct and even how messed up things are, they’ll be there to clean things up because that’s what they represent.  They are our north star.  Whenever we are lost, we just retreat back to them and somehow, they’ll tell us, everything will be alright and it would be the thing that will matter.

My mom is in a pamper herself mode already and who can blame her.  She did have a full life of responsibility.  It’s not an easy task being a mom and from the bottom of my heart, I am greeting my mom and all the moms out there (including my aunts, friends and colleagues) a happy mother’s day.

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