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Morose Enters The Nowhere Kingdom

Posted by on 14. September 2012


Morose Enters The Nowhere Kingdom is a factual fiction developed in my college years and is a follow up to A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom, Chaos in Nowhere Kingdom and Deranged (?) Defies Nowhere, Super Fallusion Sees the Light.

First Part: A Visit to the Nowhere Kingdom

Second Part: Chaos in Nowhere Kingdom

Third Part: Deranged (?) Defies Nowhere

Fourth Part: Super Fallusion Sees the Light

It was the gloomiest day in Nowhere-Nowhere land. Members of the kingdom were at their respective dwelling place just sulking about how life sucks. Little did the inhabitants of Nowhere Kingdom know that a new member is about to join them.

Nowhere Man was dejected and was on his royal throne. Super Fallusion was frowning because nothing exciting was happening inside the kingdom. Deranged (?) was unusually jubilant because he didn’t know why life sucks in the land of confusion, broken dreams and illusion.

At the east side of Nowhere – Nowhere land, there was this being that tried to carry all the grief of the world. Her name was Morose. Formerly, she was the jolliest person in town but due to a twist of faith arising from many crises in her life. She became pathetic. Now, the grief surrounding her has left her life to a halt. Gradually she was leaving reality until finally she entered the kingdom.

Upon knowing of Morose’ arrival, King Nowhere Man designated Super Fallusion and Deranged (?) to form a welcoming party. All the inhabitants were delighted by Morose, the dejected lass because they knew that another person can share in their miseries. Everything would have been fine ‘til they discovered that she was so dispirited. She totally lost her smile.

Deranged (?) tried to make the dejected one smile because he wanted to be more miserable than anybody in the kingdom. Super Fallusion, playing the hero’s role again, used every possible mean to make Morose grin but to no avail. Nowhere Man issued a royal order, “Whoever makes Morose smile will be elevated to King’s Board of Adviser.” A tempting offer, no doubt!

Because of the enticement, everybody attempted to make Morose laugh but no one was successful. Morose just refused to laugh because she refused to be comforted. She declined to be happy. For her life really sucks and nobody can’t change that fact. Her sadness brought her to Nowhere – Nowhere Land but her refusal to be assisted will make her remain in the kingdom. For how long??? For as long as she looks at life on its pessimistic side. For as long as she continues to think how miserable life is. For as long as she believes that she carries all the burden of the world.

She’ll have to reside in the kingdom as she refuse to infuse life back into her system. Morose now joins Nowhere man, Super Fallusion and Deranged (?) in representing the kingdom of confusion, broken dreams, illusion and grief. As long as the dejected lass denies herself of being happy, she cannot go on to traverse in her journey in life.

The road leading somewhere for Morose is not an easy one. First of all, her melancholy has made her unproductive in the real world. Also, her unwillingness to let others help her bring back the smile in her life would make her visit to the Nowhere Kingdom a lengthy one. Like the rest of the inhabitants of the kingdom she needs others help for her to someday or someway return to reality and totally overcome her depression. Her denial of reality inhibits her growth as an individual and only if she allow this reality to make her stronger only then can she go somewhere… do something… and be someone…

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