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Look Up in the Sky

Posted by on 27. December 2010

Baguio has shown a rapid deterioration over the years because it has become too urbanized yet it still owns a cool climate that makes it a haven for those who still want a get away. A center for education, a attraction for hordes of tourist and it has also attracted a lot of foreign population.

One area that has recovered its luster is Camp John Hay. I do enjoy breakfast at the Manor while overlooking the mountain terrains and the pine tree filled landscape. Morning buffet with this ambiance is simply too irresistible with the regular breakfast delight here. I was able to catch the new attraction during the Christmas Holiday. A tree top adventure. It’s a bit pricey but if you want to have a thrilling ride, it’s worth a try.  Fly like superman… Glide like the silver surfer… Drop from the trees at an accelerated pace… Or just have a relaxing canopy ride… The rides are quite spaced away from each other so just trying it out, gives you a nature trekking adventure.  At this visit I was able to try the Superman ride which is the farthest of the attractions from the main area so it was quite a trek.  It was also raining at that time so the soil was a bit soft and muddy and just trekking to the area had an element of adventure as it was really very slippery.  Onward to the Superman ride.  It was a zipline with you on the Superman flying position and then they’d fling you backwards a few hundred meters and then fling you back in for your Superman descent back to the area.
I’m quite happy that they thought of a tree-top adventure in Baguio and I just wonder what took them that long to come up with this idea. It could have been great to have this weekend alternative when I was still in Baguio.  Anyway, I may get another shot as I head for home in a few days…

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