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Lazy Lazy Long Weekend

Posted by on 29. August 2010

There so many major major events for the week. There’s the infamy of a mismanaged hostage drama and the fame of having one of the top 5 places in Ms. U. I just couldn’t accept that a plight of one man can damage our nation in so many aspects. My take was that there were many mistakes in handling the situation but there’s never a win win scenario in a hostage drama and we ended up with the bad side of the scale. For all its worth, our country is not necessarily one of the worst in the world but we are among the top in terms of transparency that everything is always magnified. We do have to invest in PR build up and minimize the larger than life coverage of events.

Then the major major answer. It was a difficult question to start with. I for one can’t think of one event that would be a big mistakes. I guess this dwells from the Philippines resilient nature that even at the worst of times, we still find ways to move past it so we don’t remember them as mistakes but just as events or experiences. We always just seem to find ways to smile.
It was a busy busy week as well as I was barely in the confides of the office having to conduct a plant tour in Bataan and hold the audit planning meeting and there goes all the regular office to dos piling up in the yet to do list. Oh well. I still am on my lazy lazy long weekend mode so that will have to wait. Midway into the long weekend, I’ve almost been at home most of the time. Funny, how there are so many little things I have to do at home which I don’t do because of the lack of time. Good thing, it was a car less day yesterday and I was also able to do the small things like organizing my files, cleaning my room, installing softwares, etc.
While I’m all for taking into account the minor details and small stuff but I can’t take why people make a big deal about everything like how a simple scheduling of meeting could end up flooding my mailbox with all those lectures. I guess some people are not secure enough with what they know that they take the opportunity to oversell their point. It doesn’t make you less of a person to check out other people’s perspective. Anyway, I can stand my ground on discussions even despite my mild manner ways.
I want to resume my laziness on this long weekend. =>
Excess Inkblogs: Time is such a powerful tool since it does a lot… we reach our goals… heal our wounds… learn new perspective… While we can’t control it, we just have trust that in time, everything will fall in right place… All it takes is time and effort.

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