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Lasema Spa

Posted by on 13. April 2012


I’m a SPA-dict and it does go with my lifestyle.  My sister would always mention how I try to break myself training and then eventually end up in the SPA for rest and recovery.  I guess it goes both ways, I love testing my limits and at the same time, I’d like to reward myself with a soothing massage after accomplishing my goals.  Well, you can add SPAs to the business that has benefited from the running fad.

Lasema SPA

I heard about Lasema Spa years ago but it was just recently that I tried out their spa facilities.

As an overview:

  • They have the wet sauna area which has sauna rooms and 3 kinds of Jacuzzi pool (Hinoki, massage and cold pool).
  • They have the dry sauna area consisting of (Chungito, Salt Charcoal, Oak and Clay and an Ice room.
  • They have 12 cave rooms for sleep and rest and recreation area (Internet, snack bar and TV) if you would want to maximize the 12 hours maximum stay at Lasema.
  • They also have massage rooms.

Jjim Jil Bang

I took the full package meaning I can use up all the facilities but spent more time using the Jjim Jil Bang (dry sauna area) which is the korean style of sauna made famous by those Koreanovelas.  3 hot and dry sauna’s and 1 cold sauna so here we go wherein you alternate 1 hot and 1 cold sauna. Here we go.

Oak and Clay Sauna (54 degrees)

I first tried out the Oak and Clay Sauna which was about 54 degrees hot.  The room was filled with natural sedimentary stones which has a natural curing effect for the body and can help relieve skin and respiratory ailments.

Ice Room (-7 degrees)

Alternated the Ice Room at negative 7 degrees after a visit to each of the hot saunas and even with the shirt and short uniform, 5 minutes in the ice room was tolerable.  It does help soothes tired muscles, tendons, bones, nerves and also close out skin pores.

Salt Charcoal Room (51 degrees)

Next up was the Salt Charcoal Room at 51 degrees which contains carbon and minerals like calcium, magnesium and iron.  It helps the body detoxify, speed up the body’s metabolism and good for relaxation.

Dome Clay Sauna / Chungito (74 degrees)

Last on the hot sauna was the Chungito which consist of porous mud which is the hottest room at 74 degrees.  The mineral in the mud helps energize the body by releasing negative ions in the body plus the warm feel also helps you sweat out some unwanted fats.

Jjim Jil Bang Experience

I did enjoy switching from hot to cold to hot to cold again and again.  It does increase your tolerance of the heat and makes you stay a bit longer knowing that the next stop will have you cool down.  The best part about it is that after just a round of trying out each of the room, I lost a full pound.  It could have been more had I gone for more rounds.

Deep Tissue Massage

I didn’t try the wet sauna this time but it would have been cool to go for those warm 43 degrees jacuzzi pools and massage.  I went directly to my scheduled deep tissue massage for my overused and stress-ridden muscles. They have a separate area for the massage and what was good is that it’s packaged together with the wet and dry sauna.


After completing the Jjim Jil Band and the massaged, I felt relaxed and energized.  It’s a great alternative over a regular spa and it does come in reasonably priced rates of Sauna (P250), Jjim Jil Bang & Sauna (P450 on weekdays and P550 on weekends), Massage + Sauna (P650) and Jjim Jil Bang + Sauna + Massage (P890 on weekdays and P990 on weekends) and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Lasema Plaza, #7232 Malugay St., Brgy Bel-Air, 1209 Makati City

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