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Keep that Laces in Place with Greeper Laces

Posted by on 23. December 2015

Forget what you know about laces, because Greeper Laces will turn your world upside down.  It’s tied from top to bottom but once applied, it remains tied. You don’t have to worry about loose or tangled laces anymore.  Greeper Laces is your competition worthy laces that keeps your shoes securely on your feet while the action happens.

Greeper Laces

I got my Greeper laces a few weeks ago and it felt really odd at first sight.  It’s already pre-laced, supported by an adjuster and you have to lace it from top to down.  From the time I’ve learned to lace my shoes, it has always been bottom to top.  This was a completely different concept for me but of course, trying it out would give me a better perspective on how the Greeper laces differ from other laces.  Let start with the obvious benefit. Of all the shoelace holes in the shoes, which is the most important part? It’s the top most shoelace hole because once it’s tied holds the feet securely in the shoes.   That’s where the Greeper Laces comes in.  It keeps the top part of the lace secure and properly fitted to hold the shoes in place.

Once the top part is laced, the whole shoes is secure.  I guess that’s the reason why it’s laced from top to bottom.  The tricky part of the Greeper Laces would be applying it.  It’s not the norm in tying laces so it would be best to fit it right before doing the knots.  I placed the laces while wearing the shoes to make sure that it would fit me perfectly.  The last part would be the hardest since you have to make sure it’s already fitted before doing the final knot.

Once it’s fitted, you are good to go.  You can just loosen and tighten the shoes based on the adjuster on top of the lace.  To loosen just pull the tab downwards.  To tighten, you just pull the top laces side ward.   GREEPER® Laces are award winning patented shoe laces that will never come undone and yet are very easy to loosen and tighten. Made with normal laces they ensure optimum fit and support, are very durable and can be used in all weather conditions.

After successfully applying the Greeper Laces, I had to test it out for a run.  A run would be a good way to test your laces as the push you make with every strides normally loosens up regular laces.  The Greeper Laces felt secure since I can easily loosen or tighten the laces until it gets secure and comfortable.  Even with the rigors of running, the laces still was secure and locked on the foot.  I didn’t have to worry about loose laces or any unnecessary foot movement.  That can keep you focused running and at the same time have your feet protected from sprains caused by over pronation because of loose shoes.

It’s the perfect shoelace for regular people like me who are not fond of tying laces. It would save you time and effort tying and untying your shoes.  It’s gonna be perfect for kids and even seniors who have problems with regular lacing.  It’s easier to slip shoes on an off with Greeper Laces.

The one and only 4-time Ironman World champion Chrissie Wellington uses Greeper Laces

It’s also a competition worthy laces for those involve in sports.  In competition, every seconds count so when you transition into your shoes, you would love to shave off those few seconds wearing the shoes and tying it.   It makes your regular shoes into an easy slip on shoes.  In the run course, it would keep the feet secure and in place to allow you to focus on the runs.  You don’t lose time in fixing laces or worst get injured because of unnecessary foot movement every time your laces are loose or untied. It’s a proven shoelace with top triathletes having the Greeper Laces in their armory.

The reigning Kona Ironman World Champion Jan Frodeno trusts only Greeper.

Greeper Laces retails at P550 and is available at Lazada. It comes in different colors that you can match with your different shoes.  Get to know more about Greeper by following their Facebook Page: Greeper Laces PH and their website:

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